Infinity Ward has eventually released a new update for Call of Duty: Warzone. The update brings a lot of new features to the game. The latest update is also available on all gaming platforms. However, it is extremely large for Xbox One users. The PS4 and PC gamers got away this time with a much shorter update. 

Huge Updates

A new patch for Call of Duty: Warzone came out with a massive update for Xbox One user of 66GB. The update brought the same functionality for PlayStation 4 and PC gamers, but the update came out much shorter of 1GB. Warzone has now become famous for extremely large updates every now and then. This latest update came out as no surprise for Xbox One users.

Call of Duty: Warzone became one of the best battle royale game in the market with more than 30 million players. It also became famous for its insanely large updates every now and then. Every time Infinity Ward brings a new patch for the game, it becomes the size of a AAA title. The normal update size of Warzone ranges between 45GB to 84GB. 

For the full game, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is 183GB in total which takes a lot of space on a player’s PC or console. Usually, Warzone players suffer together when an update comes out. However, this time, Xbox One users are taking the bullet as the update is insanely large for them and just 1GB for PC and Playstation users.  Check the game dva.

Microsoft’s Package

The official website of Call of Duty news, CharlieIntel stated this issue as well. The sources said that the 66GB update is exclusive for the Xbox One gamers while for Playstation players, it is 1.25GB. The update is just 0.88GB for PC users. Infinity Ward addressed this issue saying that there is a bug on Microsoft’s side. The size of the update is extremely large because Microsoft sends packages with it to remove the bug. CharlieIntel also stated that the organization is working deeply with Microsoft to prevent such larger updates for the future. 

Fans Response

As expected, fans are not happy at all with the new Warzone update on Xbox One. The players took the matter to Twitter to make 66GB a trending topic for a specific time. Most of the players complained about the size of the update to be extremely large and unreasonable. Players also posted at their confusion about the update being so small on all other platforms than Xbox One. 

The new patch resolved the Warzone’s most annoying graphical glitch from the game. However, the patch notes from different sources tell otherwise. The senior communication manager at Infinity Ward said that there was no time for fixing the glitch. 

The 66GB update for Warzone is not the biggest update ever for it. While it came as no surprise for the players, it is hard to be a die-hard COD Xbox One fan right now.