The new season for Call of Duty Warzone came out with a 57 GB update. The new update brings a whole new experience of the game, but there are multiple bugs that cause the game to crash. Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 update is crashing on all the platforms – PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. 

Activision’s response

Activision is now acknowledging the bug and investigating the origin creating it. The company is yet to release a solution to the problem. The timing for the bug is quite irritating as the new season just came out yesterday. Most of the fans are eager to try the new update as it brings new gameplay.

Instead of experiencing the new update, players are facing failures in servers to connect to the game. Multiple crashes are also halting the fans to explore the new update. Activision says that the company is investigating the issues some players are facing after the update in Warzone and ModernWarfare. The company also asks patience from the fans as solutions will be out soon. 

The Bug

This is the same error that is persistently disturbing the players since January, this year. As for VG247 notes, the problem just escalated in the new update which has created issues since the beginning of the year. The good news for the Call of Duty players is that this error is already on Infinity Ward’s Trello Board, which means an optimal solution will be out any time soon. 

The new Update

Apart from the bugs and crashes, the new update introduces two new operators in the game, Farah and Nikolai. A new Subway system is also introduced in the new gameplay. Although the new Metro is the fastest way to move around the map, some of the players have found a bug that lets you exploit the system and wins the game unfairly. This new bug is also on the list of the developers and will be resolved soon. 

The bug is initiated if you enter the subway at a specific time. You can only achieve this state if you enter the subway when it is about to enter or leave the station. If you are able to do so, you will be immune to any kind of effects of the gas in the subway. 

This means that if there is a toxic gas in the subway and you get in it when it is about to leave or enter, you will practically get the healing inside while others will choke to death.

Fans are highly excited about the new Subway update. The gameplay is now faster than before. The players are discovering new bugs in the game which Activision is taking full responsibility for. The company will soon come up with the new updates. These updates will resolve all the issues and the game will be free of bugs once again. Let’s just wait and find out what Call of Duty brings for the fans.