Call of Duty releases a new throwing knife in the game and it is absolutely amazing and terrifying at the same moment. The new throwing knife becomes the part of a map where players can find it as a loot item and use it later in the game.

Phlebotomist Knife

The new Phlebotomist knife now comes to the Call of Duty: Warzone. The players can find the knife around the Verdansk map. Players can search for the scattered knife on the map anywhere and can pick it as a loot item. If you are thinking that this is just a new throwing knife, you are more mistaken in your life. As the new knife digs into the flesh of your enemy as it contains a mind of its own. 

The Red Button

The cool thing about the new knife is that when a player tries to pick it up as a loot item, it does not represent a knife on the ground. However, it appears as a strange red big button stitched to the ground. This red button connection joins the game to a very famous movie SAW, as this new knife does the same to the opponents. 

SAW Warzone Bundle

The new Phlebotomist knife is part of the latest SAW Warzone bundle in the game. The new bundle costs 2,400 Call of Duty points in the game store. In a data mine earlier this week, the company reveals that Warzone now has a SAW and Texas Chainsaw Massacre crossover content. This content basically points to the new knife in the game. 

New Weapons in the Game

Recently, Call of Duty only adds a few weapons to the inventory of the game, including the new furious knife. Earlier this week, the company added the JAK-12 Shotgun to the inventory without any fanfare from Activision or Infinity Ward. We can safely say that this new Shotgun is going to be a new broken weapon just like before AA-12. 

Future of Warzone

The future of Warzone is pretty amazing as we are going to witness the elusive Haunting of Verdansk event to start, later this month. A lot of datamines and leaks in the company reveal that the new event will feature the Zombies theme at the Verdansk. Some other sources say that a new mode will come out for Halloween before the 31st of October. 

A new season 6 guide is out for Warzone which can give a quick recap for the whole season. If any fan has missed out on anything about the whole season, the guide can be really helpful. There are not so many releases in the new update of Call of Duty. However, the new knife brings a great animation and cool experience of snatching multiple knife kills. The feedback is really positive for the company to release the throwing knife for the fans. The new upcoming tournaments for Call of Duty are also going to bring multiple surprises for the fans.