A lot of rumors say that a new Call of Duty update is coming out this week, although it seems impossible as a huge update came out last week. Similarly, a new Call of Duty Warfare Playlist update is live now and fans can download it on all the platforms. The new update brings a lot of variant modes in the game and also removes the Juggernaut Royale from the game. Besides this, a new Battle Royale Monster Quads is available for the players, which is basically playing Warzone in dark mode. Similarly, Zombie Royale and Plunder Quads are also available for the players to enjoy. A lot of gamers also reported about the launch of the Snipers only mode in Modern Warfare. 

The Halloween Event

Warzone and Modern Warfare witnessed a huge update last week that brought the Halloween event in the game. The event came with multiple spooky skins and game modes. The update will remain valid till early November and a lot of other changes will also follow. With the Zombie Royale, Snipers Only, and many other modes still active, fans are expecting much more from the developers in the upcoming days. 

Modern Warfare Update

Fans are currently expecting the Call of Duty Modern Warfare update to come out next Tuesday. Tuesdays are mostly the days when Infinity Ward releases a few of these updates. Gamers can also expect an announcement from the game developers to confirm the update. The new playlist update can bring multiple changes to the game. Currently, we are just hoping that the developers will bring something new. Until then, we can enjoy the Trick or Treat Event in the game.

Activision’s Message

An earlier message from Activision says that multiple operators are preparing for the Haunting of Verdansk in their own ways. Some of them are working on the new skins, while others are focusing on new blueprints to add scary effects to the game.

The new cosmetics to hit the game are going to be available in the Call of Duty shop. As players can purchase these from the shop and use them in the game to add special effects. 

Infinity Ward’s Message

A recent message from Infinity Ward says that players can find the trick or treat marked boxes in specific areas in Verdansk. A player can unbox these items and can receive several rewards. 

These rewards may include Assault Rifle blueprints, The Cleaver, Holographic watch, different stickers, calling cards, sprays, and charms. However, the players should not think that these boxes come without any dangers. These boxes can contain brief scares, so players should open them at their own risks. Players will have to collect all 16 boxes in the game to unlock the grand prize of the event. Players can win the ”Pumpkin Punisher”, the Legendary Assault Rifle blueprint. This weapon is terrifying the Warzone and the lucky players to find all 16 boxes in the Verdansk, might get their hands on it.