Two amazing trends that have stirred a storm in the modern world are eSports and cryptocurrencies. Both of them started on a small scale of having no real worth whatsoever to attracting millions of people across the world in a matter of few years.

Looking at cryptocurrencies, we know that they come in multiple classes from trading tokens to legitimate payment cryptos. Now the founders of the cryptocurrencies are shifting their focus from real-world to eSports industry. Since both of these new trends have climbed to exceptional heights in a matter of few years and looking at how things are going, there is no hurdle to stop them from blooming.

So, let’s have a look at how cryptocurrency is shaping up the eSports industry that worth over $ 1.6 billion in the year of 2017:

According to the reports, there are over 1.5 billion gamers across the world, in order to attract this large community some of the most popular crypto projects are being implemented in the eSports industry. The objective of some projects is to provide a decentralized platform for eSports skin trading. The popularity of skin trading in eSports has reached amazing heights since these in-game items are worth up to thousands of dollars. So, a hybrid platform for skin trading and crypto could go a long way.

The aim of other projects is to decentralize the world of eSports betting. It goes without saying that the betting world of eSports is constantly blooming and there is still plenty of room for development in the years to come. So, let’s just say if we have platforms whose objective is to combine cryptocurrency + eSports + betting, we could see an amazing bloom in the economies of these three industries.

There are also crypto powered platforms that have been implemented to support the newcomers of the industry. This support is not limited to the upcoming stars of the industry but also supporting new franchises through the power of blockchain to establish themselves firmly in the industry.

These projects have been backed up by renowned personalities. Mark Cuban who happens to be the owner of Dallas Mavericks and Ashton Kutcher have made decent investments in crypto platforms, which is the green signal to cryptocurrency worldwide. Recently Mike Novogratz, who happens to be a renowned macro trader has praised the initially launched crypto-esports hybrid projects.


The currently worth billion dollar eSports industry still has plenty of room and time to flourish, just like the world of cryptocurrency. The combination of these two worlds is yet to make a big impact however as these two fields are becoming more recognized it’s only a matter of time when big things happen for both.

The Professional eSports athletes have not yet invested in the world of crypto. We can only wait how these two worlds will synergize and bring out the best in each other. Some high-profile collaborations between Riot Games, Valve, Blizzard and developers of cryptocurrencies might just answer all the questions.