It is without any doubt that FIFA, PES and Football manager are making an impact on the eSports industry. The FIFA 16 title has registered over 15 million players. Last year the FIFA Interactive World Cup champion, Mohamad Al-Bacha took home $20,000. This year, Spencer ‘GORILLA’ Ealin won the Grand Final of the Virtual World Cup and took home $200,000. Last month in November, he won the eSports player of the year in the UK.

To build on their initial success in eSports, FIFA has also announced a new E-League season in 2018. The e-League is set to take place in February in Australia.

Renowned Football clubs like Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, and Wolfsburg have invested in the football scene as they have signed upcoming FIFA stars. These world-class clubs are also providing dedicated broadcasting networks for FIFA competitions.

Gameplay improvements

To make a mark in eSports, FIFA has invested immensely in its new release, FIFA 18. FIFA gameplay is much better than their last year’s edition. We’ve got much more detailed gaming movements that are more like reality. Thanks to the tiny moves, we can see emotions on the face of the players and thus get closer to the game.

PES making its way

Let’s have look at growing scene on one of the nemeses of FIFA, the creation of Konami, PES. Pro Evolution Soccer or PES has been in the in the gaming business since forever as it may seem. Although the game has rivalled FIFA for many years, it is still yet to make a mark in eSports industry. It has attracted gamers by storm because of its attractive gameplay and its affiliation with UEFA since 2009. Recently this partnership of Konami and UEFA has achieved a new ground, as both have announced PES League World Tour 2018.

PES has also significantly improved gameplay to make a mark on eSports. The new PES game is much slower than its predecessors. But apart from that, we believe that Konami has found the viable path between playfulness and realism. Like in FIFA, almost every team has its own tactics. Think of Liverpool’s aggressive play or of Barcelona’s tiki. With the FIFA 18 gameplay, there is absolutely no problem, just the PES has succeeded to the right according to the foreign newspapers.

Football Manager to set the foot

Lastly, Football manager is also setting its roots in eSports. The Football Manager Cup 17 was hosted in May 2017 in London. The final had a respectable prize pool of $5,000 with thousands of viewers and 16 world class players. There are rumors that there will also be Football Manager Cup 18 because of the success of the previous event. The game is a great mixture of tactics and skill. Moreover, it requires exceptional knowledge of football realities.


Overall by these facts of these exceptional gaming titles, we can safely assume that there is a steady rise of e-footballing in eSports industry. These LAN and online competitions will continue to attract millions of fans across the world.