Warzone Season Three celebrations are starting! csgo news Faze Clan, the North American esports organization has made the thrilling announcement along with its Call of Duty League franchise Atlanta Faze through a press release. Fans cannot wait for the upcoming event marked with new sensations.

The good news is that fans do not need to wait long for the explosive tournament as the first one named Atlanta FaZe $100k is scheduled to happen on 22nd April and the second one named Atlanta FaZe $50k Global Cash Grab on 23rd April.

The live streaming of the tournament will be in easy access for the fans of Call of Duty. The press release added the news of streaming the exciting events live on Call of Duty and FaZe Clan’s Twitch channels. Those who cannot access the Twitch Channels for technical reasons can watch the events live on Atlanta FaZe’s YouTube channel.

The tournaments are all about winning gold bars in a heated competition. csgo news Atlanta FaZe’s Gold Rush tournament will present the teams in action for winning over $100,000 (~£71,845) in the form of customized one-kilogram gold bars csgo live, displayed in an acrylic showcase. The tingling yellow glow is the center of attention for everyone.

After the first tournament, Atlanta FaZe and FaZe Clan will start their Global Cash Grab championship. The contest will feature international streamers, the popular names are FaZe Testy, SkyrrozTV, and Recrent apart from others who will go in for a $50,000 (~£43,038) cash prize.

The year 2020 is marked with FaZe Clan’s first-ever Warzone tournament which was arranged to allocate funds for the affectees of COVID-19. The event became popular on the internet by #Fight2Fund. Since then, the esports organization has become a partner with Call of Duty for Twitch Rivals: FaZe Face-Off and the Atlanta FaZe Cold War Clash.

Esports Insider hopes even to pool a huge lump sum of over $150,000 (£107,738) for two reasons. First, a well-known organization – aka Faze Clan – is backing the events. Second, the tournaments feature popular streamers. It is speculated that millions of viewers will be watching the events live from every corner of the world. The influence of the Call of Duty game on fans is because it is a veritable gateway game. It is fun as well full of action. The players are pulled to this video game as their favorite pastime hobby. Its addiction or passion never seems to cease. The game always involves new action skills. That is why the upcoming events are attracting more viewers than expected to showcase the impact Faze continues to create through the Call of Duty scene.