Apple is preparing a service of gaming in streaming -a ‘ Netflix of video games ‘ – by subscription.

Apple competes with Sony & Microsoft

This service is expected to be launched sometimes in 2019 and would be very similar to the one that Microsoft already has – with Xbox Game Pass, already fully implemented in Spain – and Sony – with PlayStation Now, whose beta launch is expected very soon.

There are no specific details about this subscription service at the moment, although Apple could be negotiating with different developers about it since the second half of 2018. Although it would be logical to expect that this service is mainly oriented to iPhone and iPad, a few days ago the United States Patent Office approved an Apple application in which it extended the iPod Touch patent to include its function as a device for playing video games.

Without a doubt, it seems that the apple company is looking to consolidate itself in the videogame market, which is currently surging in its App Store. An example of how important it can be economically video games is that, between the months of March and August 2018, sales of the iOS version of Fortnite generated a very attractive $ 54 million revenue of Apple. In fact, as a result of the usual name given to these gaming services through subscription – the ‘Netflix of video games’ – it is worth remembering that the multimedia platform placed Fortnite as its great competitor – ahead of services similar to Netflix as HBO- in a letter to its partners.

What plans will Apple have?

It remains to be seen, when this service will finally come to light in 2019 and under what conditions it will do so. In video games, where players are used to buying video games, the profile of mobile player looks for free-to-play games , in which playing does not have a direct cost, but can be Buy premium items with real money.

Speaking of Mobile Games, just to give you an example on the attractive market of Mobile eSports,  Arena of Valor has been the preferred game for electronic sports spectators on mobile devices in 2018, according to Esports Charts data. 77.5% of hours seen in esports of this genre. Its numbers these that is making Apple establish its ground.

Although video games on mobile devices are increasingly popular, its esport is still far behind the main dominators, PC. This year some like Clash Royale have sought to revolutionize its format through daring proposals such as vertical broadcasting. The result, however, has not been as expected and they still have some problems when it comes to transforming their numbers into audiences. The year 2019 promises to be key to this aspect of the esports and its good work will depend on getting positioned as a real alternative to other sports. It will be an interesting fight to see Apple vs Netflix vs Sony vs Xbox vs Entire Mobile Genre.