Since the past few weeks, many leaks and rumors surfaced claiming that Apex Legends will get a new town takeover event soon. Since the game was released, we have seen town takeover events for Wraith, Octane, and Mirage. These events introduce some new cosmetic items to the game, along with a limited-time mode. In addition to this, new locations are also added to the map and they stay throughout the entire season. And now, players will be excited to know that Respawn Entertainment has recently confirmed a brand new town takeover event for Apex Legends.

The next town takeover event is going for Bloodhound, and it is being called The Old Ways. A few days back, Respawn started building up hype for it through various in-game teasers. They first placed some flags on Sniper Ridge’s and everyone was confused about what this was about. Soon after that, they placed a dead body of a creature new that area. This creature was a Prowler, the one from the Titanfall universe. This kind of confirmed that we will get to see a Bloodhound event soon as all of this was linked with the hunter. And now, the event has been finally confirmed and Respawn has also shared some exciting details regarding it.

New Cosmetic Items and More

Just like the previous events, The Old Ways is also going to feature some exciting new cosmetic items. These cosmetic items will be available in the in-game shop and interested players can purchase them for a specific amount. All skins are going to keep on rotating until the event ends. However, the Young Blood skin for Bloodhound will not rotate. Players will also get the chance to purchase skins for some other legends too.

In addition to this, Respawn is also introducing the Prize Tracker which will feature some content too. This Prize Tracker will reward players once they reach certain points by completing different challenges. The developers are also bringing back some old legendary and rare skins through the event. This means that players will get another chance to purchase them if they missed any before.

Kings Canyon and Duos Is Returning

The biggest announcement made in the official post is that Kings Canyon and the duos mode are going to get added permanently to the game. The duos mode is something players have requested since the game’s debut. For those who don’t know, Apex Legends was launched with only a trios mode. The developers did add the duos mode some time ago but only for a limited period of time. But as they received positive feedback on it, they have now decided to add it permanently.

As for Kings Canyon, it was replaced by World’s Edge is season 2. Many players weren’t happy with this decision since they were used to playing in it. Kings Canyon did return from time to time, but only for a few days. And now, players will be excited to know that they will now be able to enjoy both maps.

The Old Ways event will go live on April 7. Make sure to make the most out of it as it will end on April 21.