There are two reasons why ‘Fortnite’ remained, until recently, as the undisputed king of battle royale: it is free (your income is earned by microtransactions) and different. While games like ‘PUBG’ came first and sought to create a more ‘realistic’ experience of a TPS, they had the disadvantage of being paid titles. ‘Fortnite’, on the other hand, only required the player to have a service to play online on consoles.

The other advantage was in its construction mechanics and seasonal events. Both elements distanced Fortnite from other similar games, making it feel cooler and more interesting.

‘Apex Legends’ is not only free to play, but also modified the battle royale formula. Its greater attractiveness is in the possibility of choosing between certain Legends, with abilities and definitive attacks, that affect the style of game. There is also the possibility of reviving a player, something unprecedented in this type of games. Ultimately, the elements of tension and survival of battle royale were combined with the strategy offered by games like ‘Overwatch’.

No more building

In Fortnite an integral part of the game’s principle is iconic pickaxe. It is the standard tool of the Battle Royale shooter. The better resources you collect, the more stable structures you can build (metal is more stable than stone, the stone is more stable than wood).

Apex Legends, however, consistently focuses on collecting and shooting. There is no construction mode. The concept of Battle Royale in first-person shooter perspective without building shenanigans brings more tactical depth and is getting much more love than the hybrid of shooter and construction simulator.

Apex Legends goes through the roof of Twitch

On the streaming portal Twitch, Apex Legends has been able to prevail against Fortnite for a total of 10 consecutive days.

Apex Legends had 486,000 spectators there on the days of its peak. On average, the Fortnite competitor currently comes to just under 270,000 spectators. For comparison: Fortnite in the last thirty days had just 119,000 spectators.

Encouraging Teamwork

While in Fortnite Battle Royale the star game mode is an “all against all” for 100 players in which the winner is the last one standing, Apex Legends is played by platoons of three. The game has 60 players and cooperation between players is enhanced with some very interesting resources, such as the fact that we choose our legends successively after our teammates have done so.

Better Communication

The biggest difference is the Jumpmaster. In Apex Legends, one player makes the call to jump onto a specific location (Jumpmaster), while all the players follow his/her instruction. Another aspect that makes Apex better than Fortnite is the possibility of using quick communication commands and deploy them as a team. The feature of quick commands was so good that the rival Fortnite has even incorporated it in its ow