Apex Legends fans are still hungry for more content even after season 2 was released. Although the recently released season added a lot of amazing content to the game, they still just can’t get enough. Season 2 had a really amazing start and it was better than the first season in every way. Fans got to see some new skins, a character, and much more. In addition to this, we even finally got an improved version of the battle pass, something which many fans were hoping to see.

When Will Apex Legends Season 3 Arrive?

Now that it has been almost a month since season 2 went live, fans are now wondering when the next season will arrive. Although we currently don’t have any official word on when that will happen, we still have a few hints. According to the Apex year one roadmap, season three will begin in September. However, this will not happen considering season 2 arrived one mother later than what was written on the roadmap.

If we take some things into consideration, then Apex Legends season 3 will arrive in October. On the roadmap, season 3 is listed for September. However, since season 2 went live one month later than the mentioned release date, it is safe to say that the next one will arrive in October. However, these are just speculations and the official release date will be only revealed when Respawn confirms it.

What Will it Feature?

As for what it will feature, many fans are expecting to see different content this time. Season 2 launched with only one new character, and the next one might feature more than one character. This can be the case since there are two new characters that have been discovered through the game’s files by some data miners.

The first one is Crypto, the character who is believed to be the reason behind Repulsor Tower’s destruction. Although he emerged in the game’s files before season 2 went live, we still haven’t seen him. In addition to this, another character who goes by the name “Buddy” was recently discovered through the game’s files. Not much is known about this character except for his name. As Respawn has not revealed any plans to add a new character in this season, we can expect to see these two characters when season 3 goes live.

A New Weapon?

On the other hand, fans are also wondering which new weapons they will get to see in Apex Legends season 3. The current season introduced L-Star, which turned out to be a really powerful weapon. And just recently, data miners managed to discover an audio file in the game’s files which confirmed a weapon named “Jackhammer.” Either Respawn will add this weapon through an upcoming update, or they will just save it for the next season.

In any case, we can surely expect Apex Legends season 3 to be better than season 2. We can also expect the next season to fix various bugs and glitches that are present in the game.