Apex Legends season 2 was a success. This was confirmed by EA during their recent Q1 earnings call. The company claimed that they are satisfied with how the game is growing as they are now seeing more daily and weekly players. A few months ago, we saw a decline in Apex’s viewership on Twitch and the number of total players dropped. However, the developers have now managed to overcome some issues to keep their game alive.

New Content and Event

As introducing new content through season 2 gave a boost to Apex Legends’ popularity, EA is determined to add more content soon. EA’s CEO, Blake Jorgensen confirmed that they are going to continue to add content during the current season and that fans will get to see a major event during this month. In addition to this, the CEO claimed that they are planning to deliver one of the most fan-requested features since the game was launched.

Solo and Duo Modes Might Finally Arrive

What Jorgensen said has left many fans wondering what it will be. If we take some things into considerations, then it is safe to say that they are planning to finally add solo and duo modes. For those who don’t know, Apex Legends was released with only one trio mode, and this has remained the same since then. Unlike other battle royale titles, there are now solo or duo modes. Not only this, but we don’t even have a full four squad mode.

The lack of modes is something that has remained a complaint of many players since the game’s debut. Although the game is based on teamwork and you just cannot survive in it without your teammates, players still want to experience other modes. Back in February, some data miners were able to discover the solo and duo modes in the game’s files, but there has been no official confirmation about them since then.

When Will This Get Confirmed?

If this turns out to be true, then we will finally get to see the much-awaited game modes. However, one thing to keep in mind here is that these are only speculations and they will be only confirmed once EA or Respawn provide an official statement regarding them. Who knows, maybe the developers might introduce something else like a Team Death Match Mode, which is also something many fans have been demanding since the start.

At the moment, all we can do is wait and see what the developers have in mind for their popular battle royale game. They have confirmed that we will get to see some new content soon, so fans should remain excited even if there aren’t any new game modes. The CEO also confirmed that they are going to work even harder on Apex Legends season 3. He added that the studio is planning to provide players with more loot in the next season as it will be bigger and better.