Michael “Shroud” Grzeseik is one of the top streamers in the world. In fact, he was even considered as the King of Twitch before he moved onto to another streaming platform, Mixer. While he might not have the same following he had on Twitch, the latter still has millions of followers on the new platform. Shroud is well known for streaming some of the most popular titles such as PUBG, Apex Legends, etc. He recently started playing CoD Warzone and even claimed that the game is really impressive. However, he has now realized something while playing Apex.

Since the past few days, Shroud has been busy playing Warzone on his channel. The streamer even stopped focusing on other titles so that he can play more Warzone. However, he recently got back to playing Apex Legends and realized that the game requires more skill than Warzone. That’s right, during one of his recent streams, Shroud claimed that Apex actually takes skill and is hard compared to Infinity Ward’s battle royale.

Shroud Talks About Apex and Warzone

Shroud even went on to say that its crazy to think how easy Warzone is after you play Apex Legends. As he returned to the game after some time, you realize that you cannot play Respawn’s battle royale properly anymore. However, he managed to get the hang of the game after a few matches as he quickly started becoming the champion again.

The thing which left everyone surprised was Shroud claiming that he’s done with Warzone. He claimed that after seeing his performance in Apex fall down, he has decided that he will play Warzone but only for an hour. This is because playing CoD is ruining his gameplay in other games. Shroud even noted that playing Warzone will affect anyone who wants to play any other battle royale game available in the market. The Mixer star even claimed that he is glad that he noticed this early, and he now understands why Tyler doesn’t want to play it anymore.

Shroud was one of the first few players who jumped in Apex Legends after it was released. In fact, he is one of the reasons why Apex Legends is this popular today. He was even invited to test it out during its development phase, and he knows what the game is going to feature in the future. However, after a few months of its release, Shroud slowly lost his interest in the game as he thought that there wasn’t enough variety left in it. He even started calling its limited-time modes ‘boring’ and stopped playing it for some time. But now, the latter has once again returned to Respawn’s battle royale and will now play it more often.

Warzone is also going strong as around 30 million players have downloaded it in the first three weeks. This number will most likely continue to grow as people now have more time to play because of the global lockdown.