Apex Legends was released back in February and since then, the game has been enjoyed by millions of players every month. It is considered as one of the best battle royale titles out there, and features a lot of amazing thing. However, there are some things in the game that players are not satisfied with, and one of them is the training mode.

Apex’s Training Mode

Just like almost every other game out there, Apex Legends has a training mode where players can practice their skills. They can simply pick a legend and head straight the the training mode to try out different weapons. The area offers some still as well as moving objects so players can improve their aim. However, there are some things that upset players every time they enter the training mode.

Problems With It

To begin with, players claimed that they are tired of completing the tutorial of the training mode every time they enter it. For those who don’t know, you have to complete a tutorial before you can begin training in the mode. Unfortunately, there is no option for players to skip it and they have to complete it regardless of how many times they visit the training mode.

Another thing that bothers players is the lack of equipment and slow moving objects. At the moment, although players can use every weapon present in the game, they can not use any kind of attachments or hop-ups. Considering some weapons change drastically with attachments and hop-ups, players don’t get the luxury to test them at their full potential. Aside from this, most players claim that they are unable to practice properly since the movement of the objects is slower than an actual running character. This prevents them from learning how they can take down a quick moving enemy.

New Firing Range

Thankfully, Respawn Entertainment has now confirmed that they are going to redesign the whole training mode into something new. During the first episode of the newly started Apex Devstream series, people from the development team of the game confirmed some major changes and improvements for Apex Legends. This included an update to the training mode.

According to the dev team, the changes will take place before season 3 ends and they are planning to replace the training mode with a new Firing Range. The Firing Range will still take place in Kings Canyon, but this time, it will feature some amazing new options.

What To Expect From It

To begin with, players will be given the luxury to skip the tutorial that is featured at the start of the training mode. In addition to this, you will be able to switch from one character to another at any time in the Firing Range. This will allow you to practice with different legends and their abilities. You will also have the option to train alongside your teammate to improve your interactions.

Respawn is also going to introduce all of the game’s equipment in the Firing Range, including attachments and level four gear. You can also expect to see improved targets and dummies.