In April, Respawn disappointed some of its fans by confirming that they won’t be adding new content to the game any time soon. However, they also claimed that they are going to instead focus on fixing the game so that it becomes playable for everyone. While everyone is waiting to see a new patch, which will make their gameplay experience better, Respawn has decided to reveal what fans can expect to see in it.

What Apex Legends’ Next Update Will Feature

Recently, on Reddit, the developers decided to give an update about what they are currently working on. According to them, they are currently working on the next patch that will improve various areas of the game. In the post, they revealed what issues will be fixed through the next update and how the game will improve after them.

Hit Registration

At first, Respawn claimed that they are aware of the incorrect hit registration issue, which causes mismatches between the game client and the characters during their animations. While they confirmed that they will bring a fix for this issue in the next update, they still claimed that there might be some other things behind the hit registration issue. In any case, the hit registration will still get fixed to some extent once the next update is released.

Fortified Bug

Those who have been playing the game since the start know that Gibraltar and Caustic are large in size. Because of their size, they are easy to target, thus putting them at a disadvantage over other characters. Although the developers tried to fix their hitbox issue by giving them a new perk titled “fortified,” it still didn’t work. And now, after many players have claimed that the fortified perk is not doing its job properly, the developers have claimed that a fix for it will be introduced through the next update.

Respawn Check In 5.10 from r/apexlegends

Slow Mo At Start of Match

The developers have also claimed that they are going address the issue because of which players experience a slow motion at the start of their match. However, Respawn has claimed that they are going to try to decrease the chances of it to happen, meaning that this issue will not get completely fixed. According to the developers, they still have to work on different things to fix this issue once and for all.

Audio Issues

Many players have complained about various audio issues in Apex Legends. However, they will be relieved to know that the developers are finally going to bring a fix for most of the audio issues present in the game. In addition to this, the overall audio performance will be improved through the next update.

It is great to see that the developers are really working on fixing the game. After the next update is released, the game will be improved for sure. However, only time will tell whether the next update will actually fix the mentioned issues or not.