In just over one month after the launch, Apex Legend has managed to gather around 90 million gamers in its community. To be spotted by a Professional Team, you need to be implausible. Jack Middleton (Wacko) was recently signed by PENTA Sports means that he has the required skillset and must be making the headlines that he became the first professional Apex Legend player from the UK.

Jack gave some important advices to all the enthusiast who want to follow in his footsteps. Wacko told that every player must keep a track of the given tips and tricks to master Apex Legends and eventually making a mark in professional eSports industry.

Choose META Weapons Only

Since the sole purpose of playing the game is to win it, so the best weapons available in the Meta shall be used without a second thought. Most of the people are used to use certain weapons and they criticize other weapons because they don’t feel at home with the rest. But that shall not distract you from using weapons like Kraber and the R-99, if practiced with them and mastered, they can make a huge difference to your game.

Team Up With Players You Are Familiar With

Interaction and Coordination are the keys to success in games where you need to be healed and to be covered at times. Playing with strangers means you are compromising on collaboration for sure, you won’t be revived to say the least. You must not worry if your fast friends are not playing Apex, you can find people over the discord servers who are good players individually and exceptional team players as well.

Play With The Right Legend

There are not many characters in Apex Legends who can be characterized as “the most useful” characters. For instance, Caustic’s trap and Gibraltar’s shield causes more harm to the team than helping the team as they can easily be deleted. On contrary, Wraith proves to be the strongest among all. She’s is quick and can easily get out of tricky situations, making her super useful. Though it depends upon individual playing style but Wacko usually stick with Wraith, Bangalore and Lifeline.

Practice Shooting More

It has been observed that most of the players tend to play with very high cursor sensitivity, which in fact is not desirable at all. It need to be a bit low, not super low but low enough to support your muscle memory. Once the cursor is under your control, you can easily aim at your target and kill it.

Try Training Mode

We have always heard that practice makes a man perfect. Hence, training mode has been developed for casual and semi pro players to get as much from the training grounds as possible. Practicing in the training mode for 15 to 20 minutes before the game can help you shooting at the practice targets. Players do under estimate it, but a warm up is always recommended before t