Released back in 2019, Apex Legends has had a plethora of bugs since it first arrived. During the launch month, these bugs were not a problem as a lot of players were not facing them. However, they later became a big problem as players started leaving the game because of them. They claimed that they were unable to play Apex properly because of these bugs. The game’s viewership on Twitch also started to decrease drastically, and everyone started thinking that this is the end of the new battle royale.

Respawn Entertainment then started improving their game. They released a number of updates through which they addressed various bugs that were present in some sections of the game. However, although the developers have tried a lot, they just can’t prevent new ones from appearing in the game. They have improved their game so much that the player count is once again increasing. However, players still often come across a few bugs that ruin their experience.

Apex Legends’ Caustic Bug

In Apex Legends, there are several legends that players can choose from and all of them have some special abilities. There is a legend called Caustic who focuses on taking down his enemies by using his noxious gas. This gas deals damage to anyone who becomes a victim of it. However, it was recently discovered that some of the latter’s Gas Traps are changing their locations. That’s right, instead of just staying at a specific location, they were seen moving around.

Recently, a user on Reddit “itsskitz” shared his experience with the Gas Traps. He and his teammates were casually wandering around in Skull Town with 11 squads left in the match. The streamer decided to drop the Gas Trap near a doorstep, and he was stunned by what happened after. As soon as he placed the trap, it started moving across the street. Upon seeing it, the streamer even joked that “I’m done for the night” and took off his headset to walk away from his PC.

What kind of sorcery is this? from apexlegends

At the moment, it is unknown what triggered this new bug. It might have arrived alongside Kings Canyon in ranked mode. At the moment, the developers are yet to confirm whether they are aware of this issue or not. Once more and more players start facing this issue, then Respawn will most likely start working on a fix for it.

Apex Legends players know that this isn’t the first bug that has surfaced in the game. Players have witnessed bugs such as the one which allowed players to use Wraith’s Into the Void ability as many times as they wanted to without waiting for it to cool down. However, it was later patched because the bug was putting many players at a disadvantage. During the previous week, players discovered a bug that allowed them to instantly revive their downed teammates by jumping on Octane’s jump pad. The bug basically canceled the animation and allowed players to speed things up.