100 Thieves is slowly building a strong and experienced Apex Legends team as they have been adding some amazing players to their roster from time to time. The team first announced it in February they are going to sign players in their Apex Legends team. Many of us are already aware of the fact that Connor “Gigz” White was the first addition to the team. Shortly afterwards, Lifted and Teenage were also added in the team. All three of these players have contributed greatly to making their team what it is today.

And now, on Twitter, 100 Thieves has revealed that they have added Justin ‘JP2’ Pate in their Apex Legends roster. In the tweet, the team welcomed the new player and told fans about his experience with Battle Royale Games.

The New 100 Thieves’ Apex Legends Player

For those who don’t know, just like his current teammates, JP2 also has a lot of experience with Battle Royal games. Before he entered the world of Apex Legends, the latter used to compete professionally in both Player Unknown Battlegrounds and H1Z1 tournaments. Not only this, but he also has an impressive record in both games. In addition to this, JP2 has also competed in events such as Gamescom and Dreamhack, where he managed to reach the top placements.

Back in February, JP2 decided to switch from PUBG and H1Z1 to Apex Legends when it was released. Since then, he has been trying his best to improve his skills in the game.

During the first three weeks of the UMG Legends Series which was held in March, JP2 showed his remarkable skills when he played alongside Isiaih “Lifted” Slowik and Justin “Teenage” Phipps. Both players are two of the most experienced players in 100 Thieves’ Apex Legends team.

The latter also got the chance to compete in the T1 and FACEIT Apex Legends Invitational along with his teammate Brian “Kephrii” St. Pierre and Teenage, where he managed to get the 5thplace. Although his team was placed 5th, we all got to see how skilled JP2 is through this event.

JP2 is surely a valuable addition to 100 Thieves’ Apex Legends roster. During some Apex Legends tournaments, we have seen how much the latter is dedicated to winning the game. He has always proved to be a worthy player and someone who will not let his team down. With the recent addition of JP2, we can surely expect 100 Thieves to add more valuable players to their team in the coming months.

Respawn Entertainment is also yet to announce whether they are going create their own Apex Legends Esports League or not. Fans have also been eagerly waiting to see an official Apex Legends ESports League. The game’s community on the other hand, has been hosting its own tournaments from time to time, through which players get a chance to showcase their skills to the world. The game’s popularity is increasing day by day, so we might get to hear about an official Apex Legends Esports League soon.