As we all know, cheating has been a problem in Apex Legends since the game was released. Although there weren’t many cheaters in the game at the start, their number started to grow within a couple of the first few weeks. And now, cheating has become such a big problem that many players have even left the game because of it. According to them, their gameplay experience was getting ruined because of hackers and cheaters.

How Cheating Works in Apex Legends

Now, a streamer who goes by the name StayGozey has decided to give us a closer look at cheating in Apex Legends by explaining how he uses is cheating software. The latter has basically shown how easy it is for him to use his cheating software in the game without getting caught by other players. The streamer sets up his aim-bot and confirms that he is hitting shots on his opponents. However, he further explained that his software is not always going to hit the opponent’s head but is going to focus on other parts of the body.

The reason why the software will not always deliver a headshot is that people will become suspicious if something like this happens. The main purpose of the cheating software is to shoot randomly and just land shots on the opponent. This will make the opponent think that he was just killed by someone with a really good aim. The streamer also claimed that this is 100 times better than silent aim.

Soft Cheating on the rise, algorithm can’t detect them from r/apexlegends

One thing to keep in mind here is that this is only one example of how players do cheat in the game. There are various other strategies and software that can help with landing shots accurately. Such software also makes it difficult for players to report players as they are unable to tell whether someone was actually cheating or not.

Respawn’s Crackdown

In any case, all of this is still illegal and ruins the concept of fair play. Cheating is something that has ruined Apex Legends and Respawn Entertainment has been trying its best to overcome this issue. The developers have even banned around 770,000 accounts in the game that were caught cheating. Not only this, but even Twitch streamers who were caught cheating have been banned from the game and their channels have also been taken down.

On the other hand, Apex Legends season 2 is just around the corner and it is currently expected to take the game to a whole new level. The upcoming season is going to add some exciting content to the game such as a new character, weapon, and much more. In addition to this, ApexData is also going to host their first ever community event on July 28. The event is titled as “Gunslinger” and the player with the most kills with pistols is going to win.