Since Apex Legends was released, players were eagerly waiting for the launch of Season 1. Seeing that fans just can’t wait any longer for it, Respawn Entertainment launched Apex Legends season 1 on March 19, 2019. Although the season was just released and fans are currently really enjoying it, there are some players who want to know when the next season will launch.

Apex Legends Season 2 Expected Release Date

According to the PlayStation store, the first season of Apex Legends is going to come to an end on June 4, 2019. If that is correct, then we can expect to see the next season a few days after it ends. In terms of other games like Fortnite, the developers usually launch the next season shortly after the previous one ends. If Respawn decides to follow their schedule, then you can expect to see Apex Legends season 2 at the end of June 2019.

What Season 2 Might and Should Feature

The Season 1 of Apex Legends brought some new content to the game, but it still received some criticism because of its Battle Pass and a few other things. The first season didn’t go as smooth as the developers expected as the fans were demanding some better rewards in the Battle Pass. Because of this, the developers will have to listen to the community and make some changes in the next season if they want fans to stick to the game.

Players also had to face several other issues when Season 1 of Apex Legends was released, such as cheating issues. There were many players who were using hacks in the game and because of them, many players could not play the game properly. However, that issue later started to get out of hands, but Respawn Entertainment managed to fix it within time. The developers will have to make sure that the same does not happen when the second season is launched.

New Character

It was also some time ago revealed through the game’s files that a new character named Wattson is going to be added in the game. Although it has not been officially confirmed when this new legend will be added to the game, many players are currently claiming that he will be added when Season 2 arrives. We all know that the latest addition to the game’s Legends, Octane was added when Season 1 was launched, so Season 2 is a safe bet for Wattson.

Unlike other games, the Battle Pass of Apex Legends Season 1 requires a lot of time to level up. This might be the reason behind why the developers decided to make their game’s season longer than others. However, as it will take months for a normal player to reach tier 100 in Apex Legends, the developers should make things a little bit less complicated in Apex Legends season 2. Whatever the case is, all we can do is wait until the next season arrives to see if the developers have listened to their fans this time or not.