Respawn Entertainment is currently trying their best to improve the stability of the game. After many players complained about facing bugs and glitches, the developers promised to fix the game instead of adding new content in it. However, while they are busy working on fixing the game, some new bugs have arrived at the surface that have ruined the gameplay experience of some players.

Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection

Recently, a new bug has appeared which has made Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection ability useless. Every player who has played with this legend is aware of the fact that this ability is meant to protect from all incoming bullets. The shield always stays up for 15 seconds and offers some amazing protection.

Bug Allows Players to Shoot Through the Shield

While many players have been enjoying this ability of Gibraltar, there is one player who was having a problem while using it. Recently, on Reddit, a user claimed that his opponents were able to shoot through his shield during a match. To back up his claim, the user also posted a clip which shows an enemy shooting with a havoc rifle through the shield.

*google* “can the havoc rifle shoot through gibraltar’s shield?” from r/apexlegends

In the video, the user activates his character’s Dome of Protection with the hopes of protecting himself and his teammates from his enemies. However, he soon discovers that because of a bug, his enemies can shoot through the shield he just deployed. The video further reveals that not only once, but the enemy was able to shoot twice through the shield. As the enemy was using a havoc rifle, many players are wondering whether this new bug is limited to said rifle or not.

Previous Apex Legends Bug

This isn’t the first bug which has been discovered in this month. Earlier this week, a Reddit user posted a video which revealed that he could jump while in a downed state thanks to a bug. Although the bug was considered to be something amazing for those players who want to keep themselves alive after they are knocked out, many still believed that it ruined the concept of fair play. The user was even able to jump at the back of a pickup truck when he was knocked out and his teammate was able to revive him with ease.

Considering the fact that these bugs are becoming a serious problem in Apex Legends, Respawn has to bring a permanent fix for them soon. Although they have tried to fix various bugs and glitches, new ones keep on appearing on the surface. The recently discovered bug has also put Gibraltar in an even worse position. Before this, some players were not using this character because of his hitbox issue. And now, they will have another reason to not jump into battles with Gibraltar.

In any case, players are currently eagerly waiting to see what Respawn is going to introduce in the next update. As the developers have promised to improve the game, we can expect to see some bug fixes in it. However, only time will tell what Respawn has planned for their popular battle royale title.