Tim Sweeney, CEO Epic Games, recently said that Fortnite hasn’t seen any visible drop in the overall player’s count till now rather the game reached a peak after Apex Legends was released on 4thFebruary this year. He was talking to VentureBeat when he said that Fortnite has hit a non-event peak twice after the release of Apex Legends.

Apex Legend took over Fortnite and many others games’ viewership on Twitch for a few days but Fortnite reclaimed its space in the Battle Royale viewership competition and in all this the player count for Fortnite was barely effected.

Sweeney, in the interview, further added that Apex Legends has galvanized the shooter players, he pointed to the players who come in and out of the shooting games depending upon their popularity. He added that instead of taking players away from the game, Apex Legends have given their players to Fortnite as the game is close on to hitting the 250 million gamer base.

On contrary to what some people thing, the actual competitor of Fortnite in the market presently is EA Sports’ FIFA. It is the only game which matches the play time and competitiveness of Fortnite. FIFA and Fortnite are equally and wildly popular among the fans all around the world.

Apex Legends which was once considered to be the Fortnite Killer, is not actually what was thought about it. Rather Fortnite looks to be gaining popularity again while the honeymoon period of Apex is soon to be over for the players and its developers. Streamers and Players are openly talking about the issues with the game and the glitches in the new features e.g. newly introduced Battle Pass in season one.

Talking about other genres, it had been seen in the past and we have seen presently that two or more competitors can cohabit and be successful in different contexts. We have seen Dota 2 and League of Legends succeeding together in two different extents in the MOBA world. Similarly, if Apex Legends continued to grow with the same pace, we will be seeing two different games of the same genre on top without either of the two fading out.

Epic Games’ CEO also made a comment that the Battle Royale genre is a great addition to eSports as the competition it is offering is adding a unique and an advancing state to the industry. With Fortnite closing to touch the 250 million gamer base, Apex Legends has managed to earn over $90 million in its first month, while their player base has surged to a staggering 50 million players worldwide in the same time frame.