Apex Legends is a Respawn Battle Royale and Electronic Arts (EA) available for free for PC ( Origin ), PS4 and Xbox One. The game was released in early February and has since become a true worldwide phenomenon. Dying in the beginning of the matches without realizing where the shot came from is common. To play well you need to understand the mechanics and strategies of the game and avoid basic mistakes. See the list below the plays you should never put into practice in Apex Legends.

5. Don’t go crazy on the weapons

In Apex Legends it is important to know the types of weapons and ammunition available to not fill your inventory of useless items. If your weapon of choice uses heavy ammunition, do not stock up on ammunition, for example. Collecting all the weapons available may seem like a good strategy, but keeping the backpack full will only make your life difficult and make you an easy target for enemies.

4. Avoid random shots at your opponents

Finding an opponent may scare you, but do not take shot comb without paying attention. Most Apex Legends weapons reward the player who targets well and calculates his/her shots. No weapon is worth without ammunition, and if you use everything you have to shoot down an enemy, you will be without firepower to deal with his squadron.

3. Avoid landing at the same spot as your teammates

Choosing a good place to land on the map and reaching this agreement with your team is essential, but you do not have to descend exactly in the same house or building as your allies. Ideally, the three of them split between the landing gear supplies boxes, so as not to split the initial loot and increase the chances of everyone getting a gun. If other squads are in the area, it’s good they are all armed for the shooting that will surely happen.

2. Don’t make harsh decision when ally is down

If an ally falls in the middle of a gunshot and you rush to revive him/her, you are only giving your enemies more chances to eliminate your squad. Unless you’re Lifeline, who projects a shield while reviving the ally, it’s best to fend off your opponents first, be it knocking them out or putting them away, than putting the whole team at risk. An important skill in Apex is to assess the risks of using plays and decisions.

1. Only take a shot when necessary

In open areas or at a great distance, shooting a distant enemy is never a good idea, as you only reveal the presence of your squadron and hardly guarantee the slaughter. Even if you knocks down his opponent, his team can revive him or, at the very least, rescue his banner. If you go down to confirm the kill, you will be putting yourself in even more danger. The best option is to signal the presence of enemies and plan an ambush with your team.