Apex Legends is the free Battle Royale from EA Games for PC ( Origin ), PS4 and Xbox One. As in other games, the shooting game has a number of secrets and hidden references. The mysteries include apparitions of the Loch Ness monster, dogs scattered across the map and giant creatures that refer to the Titanfall franchise, which shares the same universe as Apex. Let’s have a look at some Easter eggs from the Battle Royale.

The Loch Ness Monster

Soon after the game’s release, users reported finding stuffed dinosaurs scattered across the map and in the tutorial. This is Nessie, a recurring easter egg in Titanfall. To reveal Nessie’s true secret in Apex, players must shoot all ten dolls scattered across the map in a predetermined order.

Players who are near the swamp when the tenth doll is hit, they can get glimpse of the real Loch Ness Monster. The creature appears at the edge of the map for a few seconds before sinking into the sea surrounding the Ravine of the Kings. The secret hunt led to the creation of a forum exclusively dedicated to the mystery, called “Nessy Secrets”, where users searched for the correct locations of all the dolls.

Shadie the Puppy

Like Nessie’s dolls, players found dog plushies hidden in the map and training area. According to developer Jason McCord, his dog, Shadie, died suddenly as he programmed the Kings’ Canyon. Shadie’s death affected his morale and hampered the Apex Legends production process. So he put a little sanctuary for his friend, where you can see a picture of the original dog and McCord with his wife.

The crow

The character Bloodhound is known to have a pet raven. The bird appears with Blood in several Apex promotional photos. In the banners used to identify each player, you can see some characters trying to tame the raven without success. One of the banner frames that can be unlocked for the Legend is called “Said the Raven”: a reference to the famous poem “The Crow” by Edgar Allan Poe, classic of American literature. The banner of the scientist Caustic also alludes to the same poem.

The Leviathans

In Titanfall’s universe, there are giant creatures known as Leviathans. With hundreds of feet in height, they are by far the largest organic franchise. Although naturally inhabiting the planet that bears the name of these animals, some scientific experiments have taken the beasts to other places in the galaxy.

In Apex Legends, you can see some Leviathans on the outside of the map. It is especially easy to see them during the initial dropship flight, within which players start each game. In Kings Canyon there are also several bones of titanic proportions, in which it is possible to climb to seek a height advantage. It is presumed that the skeletons belong to Leviathans because of their Gargantuan size, much larger than the characters of the game.