Back in February, EA released Apex Legends without any prior announcement. The game managed to attract a lot of players towards it during its first week. And at the end of its first month, there were 50 million Apex Legends players. However, this number slowly started to decrease, and we even saw a fall in the game’s viewership on Twitch. The reason behind this was that many players lost their interest in the game.

Apex Legends Is Back on Track

While everyone thought that the game will be soon dead, Respawn proved them wrong. The developers released season 2 which was better than the first season in every way. They created the second season by taking help from the feedback they received regarding season 1. It featured some new cosmetics, a new character, and an improved version of the battle pass.

Now, it seems like Apex Legends is once again growing and is starting to get back the players it lost back then. During EA’s recent earnings call, the company’s CEO Andrew Wilson decided to provide some update regarding the battle royale title. According to him, Apex Legends season 2 outperformed their expectations as because of it, there are now more daily and weekly players. Although he didn’t reveal the exact number, EA is still very happy with the results.

Season 3 Will Be Better

In addition to this, Wilson also talked about season 3. He claimed that they will be adding more content to the game during season 2 and that season 3 will be even better than this one. At the moment, we currently don’t know much about the next season. However, we do know that it will arrive either in late September or at the start of October. Fans can expect to see some new cosmetic items, new characters, and much more in Apex Legends season 3.

EA Is Working on The Mobile Version

The CEO also gave an update to those who are eagerly waiting for the game to arrive on mobile devices. According to him, EA is working on bringing Apex Legends to mobile devices and they are planning on a worldwide launch for it. However, he didn’t tell any important details such as when this will happen. In any case, the mobile release will surely give a boost to the game’s popularity. Other battle royale titles such as Fortnite and PUBG are already available on mobile devices and are really popular.

Apex Legends first-ever official tournament is also going to be held in the month of September. The Preseason Innovational event is going to feature 80 teams and is going to be an invite-only event. EA says that the first exhibition events of Apex were a success, which is why they are planning to invest more in the esports sector. Since the game’s release, fans have been waiting to see big tournaments for it. And now, it seems like that is finally happening.