Apex Legends has managed to become one of the best battle royale titles within a few months. Many top organizations in the world are currently recruiting players to create their own Apex Legends rosters, and top streamers are daily streaming their matches on Twitch. There are also various Apex Legends tournaments being hosted all over the world, and it seems like Australia has decided to step in the game too.

Recently, Mogul revealed that they will be hosting an Apex Legends tournament soon. For those who don’t know, Mogul is an eSports Media and tournament platform known to be one of the biggest platforms in the country. Thanks to them, Australia is going to have its first ever Apex Legends tournament in a few weeks.

Apex Open’s Prize Pool

The tournament is titled as Apex Open and those who are interested in taking part in it can head over to the official website of Mogul to sign up. For those wondering, the prize pool of the Apex Open is going to be $35,000 AUD. If you manage to win the tournament, then you will walk away with a pocket full of $15,000 AUD. The rest of the prize money will be divided among the runners up.

According to Jamie Skella, the Chief Strategy and Commercial officer of Mogul, they want to bring a fresh approach to Esports for the players based in Australia. He further revealed that instead of inviting several specific teams, they have decided to make the tournament free to enter for everyone. This means that unlike other major tournaments out there, any Apex Legends team can compete in the Apex Open.

Stages of Apex Open

The qualifiers round of the Apex Open have already begun and will last until May 12. Around 20 teams will be selected from the qualifiers round, who will then compete in the knockout round which will be held from May 14 to 17. The knockout round will be divided into four groups, and around 8 teams will be able to secure a spot in the finals after them. The finals, on the other hand, will take place on May 19 and they will decide which team will win the first ever Apex Legends tournament of Australia. For those wondering, the finals are going to follow the single elimination format.

Stage one

Stage two

Stage three

On the other hand, Jamie Skella has also claimed that this is only the start for Apex Legends in Australia. According to him, Mogul is able to host a series of tournaments, meaning that players in Australia will soon get to see some more tournaments other than the Apex Open.

Apex Legends fans living in Australia are surely going to enjoy a lot in the Apex Open. Players always want a platform through which they can showcase their skills to the rest of the world. Mogul is also really committed to making eSports a big thing in Australia, so we will get to see some exciting new events soon.