Apex Legends has been filled with bugs since it debuted back in February. Despite the fact that it became one of the biggest battle royale titles out there shortly after its release, many players still complained about various bugs and glitches they found in the game. Although Respawn has tried to fix many bugs through various updates, players just keep on discovering new ones every week.

Apex Legends New Bug

Recently, a new bug came to the surface which allows players to jump while they are in a downed state. Although the bug seems to be a helpful thing for players who want to keep themselves alive, it is still something which ruins the concept of fair play.

This new bug was basically discovered by a player who posted a short clip on the Apex Legends’ subreddit. In the clip, we can see that even after he is knocked out by an enemy, he is still able to jump. Not only this but thanks to the bug, the latter was able to jump onto a pickup truck where his teammate was able to revive him without any problems. He just pressed the sprint and the jump button at the same time, after which he was able to jump in the air.

Jump when you’re downed to get to safer areas! from r/apexlegends

Many players try their best to stay alive after they are knocked out by their opponents. You just cannot do anything when you’re in a downed state except for using a knockout shield, which still does not help a lot. However, it seems like the new bug can surely put your opponent at a disadvantage as you can easily make your way to a safe point through it.

Apex Legends Has Been Filled with Bugs

Players who have been playing Apex Legends since its release are aware of the fact that this isn’t the first time a bug like this has appeared in the game. We have been seeing some game-breaking bugs since the start, and many of them have even ruined the gameplay experience of a lot of players. In the previous month, players discovered a bug which allowed a knocked-out player to shoot. In addition to this, various other bugs have also been discovered from time to time, such as the one through which a player could fly forever around the map.

As Apex Legends is getting flooded by bugs and glitches, Respawn Entertainment has to do something about this issue soon. Many players have already started to leave the game, because of which we even saw a decrease in the game’s viewership on Twitch. Although the developers had claimed that they will be focusing on improving the stability of the game instead of adding new content, players still haven’t seen any stability updates so far. As for now, all we can do is wait and see whether the game will be improved or not. If Respawn fails to keep its promise, then they can expect to see their fanbase drop to a really low number.