Apex Legends immediately became a popular game as soon as it got released. It managed to attract the attention of 25 million players within its first week. And at the end of its first month, the game was downloaded by 50 million players in its first month. The thing which made Apex different from other games was legends. For those who don’t know, legends are the in-game characters that players can choose from. Every legend has its own set of abilities that can be used on the battlefield. However, the thing which makes them interesting isn’t abilities, but their backstory.

Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment has done a remarkable job of giving every legend a backstory. The game features a deep storyline and lore that is much more than just legends killing each other in the Apex Games. Thanks to this, the developers are able to create new characters and link them with each other to create a perfect story. However, while new legends such as Revenant, Crypto, and Wattson have a good amount of lore, there are some old characters who lack this.

Apex’s Writer Answers Questions

Recently, some players have been asking Respawn to focus on the lore of some old characters too, such as Mirage and Octane. Mirage is one of those legends who have been in the game since it’s debut, while Octane was added to the game with season 1. However, the two are still some of the oldest legends in the game. But the thing which bothers many players is that not much is known about these characters. Except for the fact that Mirage has always been a popular figure among the fans, while Octane blew his legs off just to win a race.

Recently, one of the game’s writers Tom Casiello decided to host a Q&A on his Twitter account. There, fans asked him several questions, including questions about Mirage and Octane’s lore. A fan asked him whether the Holographic Trickster has any links with the AI announcer whose voice is heard throughout the map during every match.

In reply to this, Tom claimed that Mirage is well aware of the fact that the announcer is an AI and that he only jokes about knowing her just for the fun.

Another fan quickly jumped on the bandwagon and asked Tom about Octane’s love life. He asked him if Octane will be getting more lore in the future to get a part in the main story line, and if he has a relationship with Wattson. To this, Tom replied by saying yes to the first question and denied the second one by claiming that Octane is currently single. He did mention in another tweet that they have entire backstories written for every legend. If they want to add something new to it, they first consult with other writers and then see what they should reveal and save for the future. In any case, it is great to see that Octane will indeed get new lore in the future.