A few weeks ago, Apex Legends players discovered a new exploit linked with Wraith that allowed them to use her into the Void ability endlessly. In other words, they were able to use it again and again without waiting for any cool down. As this exploit was putting a lot of players at a disadvantage, many fans took it to Reddit and asked the developers to fix it. And now, it seems like they have finally listened to their fans.

Latest Update Is Here

Respawn Entertainment recently released Apex Legends update 1.16. Along with some other stuff, the update is going to address some major issues in the game, and one of them is Wraith’s exploit.  This exploit was one of the biggest ever found in the game. Wraith’s tactical ability is something that can help you survive even outside the circle.

Many players found a way to trigger this exploit and were using it win matches. Even a popular streamer recently became a victim of this very exploit. What basically happened was that he and his teammates were trying to find the last person in the circle. However, they were unable to find him and were killed by the circle. After the camera shifted to the other player, it was revealed that the final player is actually using the exploit and is far away in the circle.

Wraith Exploit Is Now Fixed

At the moment, Respawn has introduced a fix for this exploit through the recently released update. Let’s just hope that the issues remain fixed this time. There have been many times in the past when a bug has continued to appear in the game even after it has been fixed. Apex Legends already has a plethora of bugs, and the developers just cannot afford new ones at the moment.

Disruptor Rounds Have Been Nerfed

In addition to this, Respawn has also decided to nerf the Alternator’s Disruptor rounds. For those who don’t know, the Disruptor rounds were becoming so powerful that they were destroying shields too quickly. Many players started complaining about them, and the developers have now decided to fix them. From now on, the damage multiplier provided with the Disruptor rounds will be 1.55 instead of 1.7. Respawn claimed that they have decided to reduce the Disruptor rounds multiplier on shield damage in order to lower their power.

New Way to Gather Feedback

Respawn is also now focusing on feedback more. Earlier, they used to gather it through emails, Reddit, Twitter, and some other sources. But now, they have introduced in-game surveys that will ask a player whether he enjoyed the match or not. This will allow Respawn to know whether players are experiencing any issues during their matches or not.

Aside from these, the latest update has also addressed a few more issues in the game. Let’s just hope that our gameplay experience will improve after this update.