Apex Legends fans will be somewhat disappointed after knowing that the game will stick to seasonal updates, even after players complained about lack of content. That’s right, the CEO of Respawn Entertainment, Vince Zampella claimed that they are going to stick with the original content release schedule, a decision which has left many fans disappointed.

As we all know, Apex Legends’ viewership started to decrease a few weeks ago. Many players were starting to lose their interest in the game because of lack of content. Even some top streamers claimed that the game does not have enough variety and that the developers need to start adding some new content in the game. However, it seems like Respawn is going to follow the same update schedule as before.

Respawn’s CEO Talks About the Game’s Content Issue

According to Zampella, the developers are currently aware of the lack of content issue of the game. They basically don’t want to overwork their team at the moment as they are currently working on improving the stability of the game. Although the developers are aware of the fact that every player is hungry for new content, they just cannot abandon their long-term goal which was to keep Apex Legends alive and thriving.

Zampella also claimed that the developers want to focus on the quality of content more than releasing new updates from time to time. They want to avoid things which can ruin the experience of players who are attached to the game. The developers basically want to make sure that the game is stable and working for everybody, as they want everyone to enjoy the game.

What Apex Legends Season 2 Might Feature

The game’s executive producer, Drew McCoy also decided to give fans a glimpse about what the next season of Apex Legends will feature. According to him, the developers are carefully seeing all of the feedback regarding season 1’s battle pass and will make sure that the mistakes are not repeated. They basically want to add more meaningful content in season 2’s battle pass. In addition to this, the executive producer also claimed that players can expect to see a new Legend, a new weapon, and some changes to the map in Apex Legends season 2.

As the developers are going to focus on seasonal updates, Apex Legends fans will have to wait around two months to see another major update for the game. The first season of the game added a few skins and a new Legend. In addition to this, it also added the first battle pass of Apex Legends, which was heavily criticized for not featuring any amazing content.

Apex Legends is slowly losing its charm because of not having enough content. Even the top Twitch streamer, Shroud has decided to quit the game to focus on other battle royale titles. In any case, Respawn Entertainment will have to add some amazing new content in Apex Legends through the next update if they want to gain their viewership back.