Apex Legends is currently one of the top battle royale titles out there. The game instantly attracted a lot of players towards it shortly after it was released. Although the game features a really unique and fun gameplay experience, it still has only a single mode. Instead of having a solo, duo, or a full four squad mode like other battle royale titles, Apex Legends features only a trio mode. In addition to this, there aren’t any competitive modes available in the game.

Shroud Talks About Custom Matches

Recently, during one of his streams, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek talk about how custom matches can make Apex Legends fly. For those who don’t know, Shroud is a popular Twitch streamer who was also invited by Respawn to test Apex Legends during its development stages. The streamer basically said that the game will become fun if custom matches are introduced in it.

He further added that creating custom matches with custom rulesets can lead to a lot of good things. According to him, making the rulesets about kills instead of win can surely make the game more fun. Many users on Reddit also once claimed that Respawn should change the way the game works and make it more kills based. This will also prevent players from piggybacking.

Positives of Custom Matches

If the option of custom matches is added to Apex Legends, then Shroud along with some other streamers will be able to create their own custom lobbies and private matches. In addition to this, this will also allow them and some professional players to host their very own tournaments. This is something which many players are going to love since they don’t get to see a lot of Apex Legends tournament.

At the moment, Apex Legend’s tournaments feature the point system format. In this, two teams face each other indirectly in three games. Afterwards they have to get as many eliminations as they can, and the team with the most points after the three matches wins the series. Winning a match is even better since it gets you more points.

Custom Matchmaking in Other Games

The feature of custom matches is already available in popular battle royale titles such as PUBG and Fortnite. Maybe this is the very reason behind why these players have a fan base larger than Apex Legends. Shroud is an experienced player and Respawn should listen to what he says. If custom matches are added to the game, then Respawn might even manage to attract a lot of new players to the game too.

On the other hand, many players are currently bothered with the game’s in-game store of Apex Legends. According to them, the items available in the store have a really high price tag, and most of the players are unable to buy them because of it. Some players have even decided to boycott the in-game store because of overpriced items.