Apex Legends season 2 was released a while ago, and it changed the game for better. The new season introduced a lot of changes and added some content to the game. The Repulsor Tower was destroyed and it allowed creatures to enter the map. Including in those creatures were Flyers who can be now seen flying around the map.

Apex Legends Flyers

The most interesting thing about these Flyers is that they are always carrying death boxes. These death boxes contain loot and are in either blue, purple, or gold color, indicating what type of item can be found inside them. Players can simply shoot these loot carrying Flyers and only after a few shots, they will drop the death box. Afterward, you can go ahead and loot the goodies out of it.

Two New Flyers Are Coming?

At the moment, there is only one type of Flyer that is seen wandering around the land of Apex. However, it seems like two new Flyers are soon coming to the game. This was leaked by a data miner who decided to do some digging in the game’s files. He was able to discover two new Flyers who are different in color but same in shape. One is yellow, while the other one is blue.

Two new Flyers possibly coming later on this season! The yellow one seems to be unique AND called ‘French Fry’ in the files from r/apexlegends

According to the leaked information, the yellow Flyer is regarded as unique and he is called “French Fry.” On the other hand, not much is known about the other one yet, only that he is blue. One user on Reddit claimed that the blue Flyer resembles the one who attacked Wattson in season 2’s trailer. We don’t even know what role these two Flyers are going to play in the game. Maybe they will simply carry around loot boxes just like the current Flyer. However, there can be something more to them this time.

What Can You Expect Next?

Respawn Entertainment has promised that they will be adding more content to the game throughout season 2. They even confirmed that they are soon going to introduce something which has been demanded by fans since the start. And just recently, they revealed that a solo mode is coming but only for a limited time. Apex Legends currently offers only a trio mode, and most players have been requesting for a solo and duo mode since the start.

Apex Legends players are also wondering how the next season is going to be. Respawn claimed that season 3 is going to be much bigger and better than season 2. If this is the case, then we can expect to see more characters, cosmetic items, and much more when it arrives. The developers are also yet to provide an update regarding how they are handling bugs and glitches recently. In the past few weeks, many new bugs have appeared on the surface, and players are not appreciating this at all.