Since its release, Apex Legends fans have been eagerly waiting to see new game modes in the game. At the moment, there is only one game mode available which allows players to jump into the battle as a trio. Players are even starting to get bored by playing the same mode over and over again, but it seems like the developers have finally listened to their demands.

Recently, there was an official question and answer session held for Apex Legends on its official Subreddit. During that session, a Community Manager of Respawn left many fans excited after he gave them a few updates regarding the development of the game.

Respawn Community Manager Surprises Everyone

One user basically came forward and decided to ask a question which many players wanted to ask. In his question, the latter asked the developers if they are currently exploring new ways to play or not, such adding new game modes in the game. To everyone’s surprise, the Community Manager responded to the question by saying “yes.” Although the answer was short and simple, it was something which many fans were hoping to hear.

This image appeared quickly while loading a game. Possible future content or new game mode? from r/apexlegends

One thing to keep in mind here is that the community manager did not reveal what modes will be added in the game, so we will have to wait a little longer for this. However, fans can surely expect to see popular game modes like Solos, duos, and squads. Adding the Team Deathmatch mode in the game will also be a good decision from Respawn as it will spice the gameplay experience of players.

What New Modes Might Be Added in Apex Legends 

In any case, the game modes will be most likely added through the next update of the game. Respawn has claimed that they are trying to improve the game instead of adding new content, so this might be their first step of the process. The developers might also go ahead and add a ranked mode in the game, something which many Apex Legends players are hoping to see. For those who don’t know, a ranked mode basically matches players based on their skills, thus providing a really thrilling experience for players.

Respawn is also currently trying to fix the lag issues present in the game. They have even considered it an issue of top priority as it is ruining the gameplay experience of many players. Although they are yet to identify the main root problem, they are going to come up for a fix for it soon.

As the developers are going to add new game modes in the game and are even trying their best to fix some major issues, it seems like they are strictly following their claims of improving the game. Although many fans were disappointed after hearing that they will have to wait a little longer for new content, the developers are doing what they think is best for the game. All we can do is wait and see if the developers manage to improve the stability of the game or not.