Earlier we had talked about picking a Legend and mastering it. We all have been doing it, we love a specific Legend because of many possible reasons, some like their facial expressions, and some love them for their skins, while some feel at home with their abilities. But obviously you won’t get what you like every time. So just like last time we’ll discuss, how to deal with such situations and play with other Legends.


Lifeline is a kind of a Legend which cannot be regarded as the leader of defense or offense but having Lifeline in the team is always beneficial.

Despite the fact that it is very visible to the opponents but the ability to revive quickly is definitely a game changing ability. In addition to that, as soon as you revive you get an added benefit of shield as well.

It is advised to take with you plenty of Ultimate Accelerants while playing with Lifeline, it will help you to call in the care packages more frequently. But keep in mind that the enemies will be warned with where you currently stand by calling in the care package.


There has been a history of disagreement over Mirage’s ultimate ability as most of the players believe that it is very weak when assessed with the ultimate abilities of other Legends. It is usually used to escape when you are badly trapped, but that escape is obviously not completely unseen because opponents can see a shadow of you while escaping

Tactically, he is super useful in narrower areas rather than in the open with his faking ability which successfully attracts enemy shots.


Swinging from large buildings and cliffs, he’s none other than Pathfinder. But this latching ability can also be used to tackle your enemies.

Pathfinder’s ultimate ability zipline helps you the most quite late in the game. Whenever you find yourself trapped in a situation where you can get some elevation aim for the zipline and ask your teammates to get along. Precipitously giving you an advantage over your enemies.

Again when late in the game, make sure that you and your fellow teammates benefit from the ability of seeing the next safe area in advance.


And last up is the fan favorite Wraith, and she’s famous for a reason. You can use her abilities at any stage of the game helping you while attacking and defending as well. It obviously help your teammates as well.

Whenever your team is trapped outside the storm, just use the ability to travel fast and ask your teammates to follow you though the same doorway. Prior to engaging in a combat make sure to set a portal to help you storm out of trouble quickly. But you need to keep a check on the portal exit because your opponents can use the same portal as well.

Like Bangalore’s smoke, Wraith’s phase shift is one perfect escape. When in a difficult situation of whenever you are to pass away just use phase shift, and head straight towards a cover otherwise your opponent could easily shoot you because you will be leaving behind a path of blue smoke while going away.