Usually players pick a Legend play with them for the rest of their lives at an expert level thinking that they have an edge over the others. But wait, what if some of your teammate or choose the Legend of your liking as for them they are expert at it, or sometimes you just fail to get the desired results continuously and get tired of playing with the Legend again. To tackle such situations, below are a few Legends and some tips and tricks to get the most out of them.


The major advantage used by Bangalore is the smoke. Smoke is useful for covering purposes and to get out of a tricky situation. Just fire them in the right area while you’re running to get a smoky layer of cover for you as you move while Double Time will make it even harder to get you hit. And most importantly smoke can get you some cover while you are healing, though Bangalore is not a medic but is of great help to the medics.

In addition to that, while playing with Bangalore using digital threat scopes help you in shooting through smoke, but then again your enemies can have the same digital threat scopes too. Therefore, the Ultimate Bangalore has is quite powerful, but it equally slows your own teammates as it effects the enemy.


Usually intelligence and information wins war even before it has started and Bloodhound is all about tracing and tracking the enemy. It uses the ability known as Eye of the Allfather to see enemies across the walls, but a little drawback is that it shows the position where they were when the ability was used and not their current position.

Its Ultimate ability branded as Beast of the Hunt is too good for hunting down the opponents but sometimes it is useful for dodging them as well because you move so fast that you are a very hard target to get even though you could be seen moving.


This Legend is much underrated because it is not easily handled, it require some practice to make the most out of his abilities. To block doors and to trap enemies while killing them cruelly, Caustic uses his Gas Traps.

Caustic is a late game player when a couple of players are left as his Ultimate ability is utilized in tandem using the traps. You surround your enemy with the gas trap and to leave them with no escape just throw the ultimate right in the center.

But you need to be cautious, unlike you, your own team members won’t be invulnerable to the gas effect. Though their health won’t be affected but their movement and sight would surely get a hit during that time.


Choose Gibraltar or get a Tank along, both will have the same impact but he’s rarely picked because of his massive built making him an easier target. But to help with the odds, he has a face shield to absorb at most 50 damage points but then again, it does not cover his head or the legs. But then, there is his “Dome of Protection” that absorbs all the damage, however, your opponents can get that too and enjoy its ability too.

Gibraltar is most effective with his Ultimate ability and that is the airstrike which effects a huge area damaging your opponents a big deal. Using the dome of protection, you can use the ability right where you’re standing too, the dome is that strong.

That’s all for now, we’ll come up with Ultimate, Tactical, Passive abilities and tips and tricks of the remaining Apex Legends soon.

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