With the number of registered players plummeting up to 50 million in the first month after launching, Apex Legend will soon be the biggest eSports of recent times. With a very squad engrossed and breathtakingly quick gameplay, it is equally a treat to watch as it is to play the game. Topping the Twitch charts mainly against Fortnite, there’s no doubt that Apex Legend would soon be the biggest esport.

Big Names Moving In

In the recent weeks, just a few big names were seen convening to Apex Legends. But particularly in the last week, there was an outburst of declarations. 100 Thieves, Gen.G, TSM, NRG, all were seen entering entire squads or just a few individual team members. An amazing move was when one of the most respected eSport team Liquid moved its CoD:Black Ops 4 Blackout team to Apex Legends.

Tanner Trebb (Rogue) while describing Team Liquid’s decision to move to Apex Legends, told that initially the developers did not show any interest in hosting any event nor were they planning anything related to CoD: Black Ops 4. It is usually the third parties that support the scene. The developers had not expressed any interest, but when the Apex Legend was launched, Respawn announced that the eSports would be supported, and eventually majority of the professional Blackout players migrated.

As a matter of fact, the players which have shifted to the highest level of Apex gameplay have been here from other games. Gen.G squad comprises of Overwatch League professionals and a Team Fortress 2 player. Similarly, 100 Thieves team include players having experiences in Overwatch, Destiny and H1Z1. While TSM features all players from the obsolete H1Z1 professional League.

Apex’s Plans For eSports

Without much particulars, the developer of Apex Legends Respawn stated that they definitely will work to take esports forward. They obviously have a huge viewership on Twitch. Dissimilar to other Battle Royale games e.g. PUNG, Fortnite, etc. Apex currently has no tournament hierarchy or a pro league. And this is not clear as well that the teams registered so far are financially sustainable.

The teams were not in a mood to sign Fortnite players until Epic guaranteed $100 million prize pool for the tournament including the $30 million Fortnite World Cup which is due to be held in July. There were a few tournaments among the Twitch rivals immediately after the game was introduced but there has not been any major Apex Legends tournament so far.

The number with which the players are coming in is a sign that the game Apex Legends and the genre Battle Royale will stay in the competitive scene for a longer time. It has now been confirmed from the transition of H1Z1 to Fortnite and then to Apex Legends that battle royale is not just a flash in the pan. CEO and founder of 100 Thieves, Matthew Haag (Nadeshot) said that their team is committed to the battle royale genre and want to work hard to help players grasp new statures in their careers.