Three months after its release, Apex Legends fans have been eagerly waiting to see some new content. Although the developers have promised to make the game stable for everyone instead of adding new content, many players are still hoping that the developers might change their mind. Aside from new guns and equipment, players want to jump into battles with some new characters.

As we all know, the last major update of the game was released in March and it added Octane. Since then, fans are eagerly waiting to see some new characters as one character in three months isn’t something which can satisfy them. Not only this, but even Respawn hasn’t given any statement regarding when players can expect to see a new character in the game. However, it seems like a popular streamer knows who the new character is.

Shroud Reveals Who the Next Character Might Be

Recently, the top Twitch streamer “Shroud” created hype among his viewers after he claimed to know who the next character in Apex Legends is going to be. During one of his recent PUBG streams, the latter told his fans that he already knows who the next legend is. In addition to this, he further claimed that the new legend is going to be cool, but not that sick.

To clear up some confusion, Shroud stated that unlike some aggressive characters such as Octane, Wraith, etc, the new character will be a situational character just like Caustic. This means that the new character isn’t going to be for those who love to play aggressively. In addition to this, a fan tried to ask Shroud about whether the new character is going to be Wattson or not, to which Shroud replied, “What are you trying to say, man…what are you trying to get me to say here?”

Wattson Might Be the New Character

For those who don’t know, Wattson is the character who has been rumoured to be added in the game since it was released. Many fans have been eagerly waiting to know whether he is going to be the next character or not. However, judging from how Shroud reacted to the question, it seems like players will soon get to jump into battles with Wattson.

As Shroud was recently reported to be the most watched streamer on Twitch, what he said about the new character can be considered to be true. The latter was once invited by Respawn Entertainment to play Apex Legends during its development phase, where he was asked to provide feedback about the game. During that time, Shroud was able to play with some characters who are currently not included in the game.

On the other hand, Respawn Entertainment is currently really busy trying to improve various sections of the game. Recently, the developers revealed that they have banned over 770,000 accounts who were caught cheating. The issue of hackers has been a really big problem for Apex Legends since the start, but the developers are trying their best to overcome it.