Halloween returns to Apex Legends with the huge Fight or Fright event. With the celebrations, the game brings a lot of new things for the fans. A Shadow Royale and several horrifying hero cosmetics get into the scene as well. This Shadow Royale is for some limited time only. Players can jump into action until November 3rd. 

Rewards and Prizes

As each year, players can receive multiple rewards and prizes as they progress through the event’s prize track. These rewards include a Pathfinder skin, a Pirate Nessie gun charm, and several event badges. The last year’s Fight or Fright event is also coming back to action through Revenant’s magic. The former event will return back to the in-game store as a purchasable item. 

Shadow Royale

The lord of the Kings Canyon Underworld is back in Apex to lift the action once again. Shadow Revenant is the host of the Shadow Royale. The match starts as a normal game until the first person dies. The dead members of the game will return back to the game as shadows. The dead shadows will not have any guns with them, but they will possess an unyielding bloodlust, mobility to stack their opponent, and a very strong melee attack. These dead shadows can pass through the walls and can also double-jump like Apex’s sister franchise, Titanfall. 

The game keeps on going until the last legend survives. Shadows can also revive their allies and try to kill each one of the living legends on the map. 

Fight or Fright Collections

The new Halloween event brings a lot of theme-based cosmetics for the players. Similarly, players can also buy their favorite outfits from last year’s event in the Item Store. This year’s Fight or Fright event is just another take on last year’s cosmetics. The original skins will still rotate in the Item Store. The new cosmetics basically re-colors old ones. 

These new skins are only available for Apex Coins in the game-store. Buying the re-colors in Apex always lets you use the tokens. However, this time, the case is different, and a player must spend the Apex Coins to get the items.

During the event, players can also earn multiple free rewards by completing different challenges every day. The Halloween update will possibly not bring any kind of balancing or major changes in the game. These updates might follow in the Seventh season of Apex. There are multiple predictions about this season as well. According to Shrugtal, the new event could just be a few weeks away from us. 

This year’s Fight or Fright event brings a lot of new changes to the game. The players are not allowed to make purchases with the metals or legend tokens. However, they can only buy anything with the Apex coins. Fans are happy about the new Shadow Royale and the other new features in the game. The new skins are also highly liked in the community.