A few days ago, Apex Legends players discovered a new exploit linked with Wraith. Because of it, they were able to use her tactical ability “Into the Void” as many times as they wanted to without any cooldown. Since the bug was discovered, many players have complained about it. And now, it seems like a popular streamer lost a match because of this very bug.

SynceDez Encounters the Exploit

Recently, Timothy “sYnceDez” Pitrow was casually playing and streaming Apex Legends on his channel. However, during one of his matches, he and his teammates encountered the recently discovered Wraith’s exploit. In the final ring, they were trying to find the last remaining player, but they failed to do so. Upon realizing that there is no player inside the ring, his teammate claimed that the final player might have figured how to use Wraith’s tactical ability endlessly.

For those who don’t know, Into the Void basically allows players to disappear for a few seconds and save themselves from any damage. It can even prevent your health from getting low if you’re outside the circle. And to sYnceDez’s surprise, the last player he and his teammates were trying to find was indeed using the exploited ability. After they got eliminated, they were able to spectate the last player who was seen using Into the Void far away in the circle.

What Respawn Is Doing About It

Luckily, the streamer was recording this at that time and was able to get the name of the player who was using this exploit. Respawn has confirmed that they are banning players who are using this. This was confirmed by Respawn’s senior Designer Chin Xiang Chong, who posted some tweets in which he revealed details about the ban. According to him, any player who will use the exploit will receive a one-day ban. And players who continue using the exploit after getting banned will receive a larger ban.

When the exploit was discovered, some players took it to Reddit where they asked Respawn to fix it. While the developers confirmed that they are working on bringing a fix for it, they still haven’t done anything about it yet. Chong even claimed that a fix for the exploit will be introduced with the next patch, so we will need to wait for some time to see whether this will actually happen or not.

Apex Legends has had a plethora of bugs and glitches since it was released. Many players even left the game because of them. Respawn has been trying their best to fix each one of them, but they just can’t stop new ones from appearing in the game. Thankfully, they have decided to ban those players who are trying to put others at a disadvantage by using an exploit. So, if you encounter a player who you think is using Wraith’s exploit, make sure to report them.