Apex Legends was released back in February and since then, millions of players are playing it every week. The game is one of the most popular battle royale titles along with PUBG and Fornite. While the game offers a good and fun experience for players, there are some who just don’t want to play it by the rules.

Cheaters are something present in almost every other multiplayer game. They are the kind of players who just want to ruin the experience of other players by using some sort of hacks. Apex Legends is the type of game in which cheaters have been present since its release. The developers have tried their best to stop them from cheating, but the cheaters just keep on coming with something new.

When the issue of hackers in Apex Legends started to become a big problem, Respawn Entertainment started issuing HWID (Hardware ID) bans to players who were using hacks. This did help in reducing the number of cheaters in the game, but it still didn’t stop them from coming up with something new. Recently, it was discovered that players are now using soft cheating to avoid getting banned by Respawn.

Soft Cheating in Apex Legends

For those who don’t know, Apex Legends has an Anti-Cheat software which checks every origin account before its logs in. What is basically does is that it scans an Origin account and checks it for any cheat program. If it finds any, then it simply denies its access to logging into the game. However, Anti-Cheat only discovers large cheat programs, and cheaters have decided to use smaller hacks to avoid getting detected by the software, i.e. soft cheating.

Soft Cheating on the rise, algorithm can’t detect them from r/apexlegends

For those who don’t know, soft cheating is basically the one in which small cheating programs are used. For instance, there is a program known as Aimbot which makes sure that every bullet hits the target. In soft cheating, players use a less enhanced version of the Aimbot which basically tries to miss some shots. This makes the cheating program less noticeable to the Anti-Cheat software.

There is also a problem with new players when it comes to soft cheating. A player who understands the game will be able to tell whether he was killed by a hacker or not. However, a new player will not be able to judge it properly. When new players will spectate the player who killed them, they will basically see that the Aimbot is missing some shots, because of which they will think they were killed by a skilled player and will not report him.

A Fix Might Arrive Soon

There is no denying that Respawn Entertainment has been trying its best to overcome the issue of hackers in the game from the start. Just like Hardware ID bans, they have tried some other methods too. Hopefully, as the developers want everyone to have good experience in the game, they might introduce a solution for overcoming soft cheating soon.