Apex Legends players have been seeing a lot of leaks recently. There are various data miners who are working day and night to find out new information through the game’s files. And now, it seems like a popular YouTuber and data miner That1MiningGuy has once again discovered abilities of a leaked character. That’s right, the latter has managed to find out the abilities if Skunner, a legend who was discovered in the game’s files recently.

Skunner’s Abilities

The data miner was able to find this information through the recent patch that was released for the ongoing Iron Crown event. According to the leaked information, Skunner is going to be a “Crafty Trapper” who will be able to defend himself and his teammates by using his abilities. For instance, the latter will have a passive ability called Light Step that will prevent debris traps from slowing him down. In addition to this, it will also become difficult for Bloodhound to track his footsteps because of this passive ability.

The Debris Trap

In addition to this, the data miner was also able to find out what other abilities will the new Legends have. To begin with, he will have an ability called the Debris Trap. As its name suggests, the latter will be able to drop a pile of debris that will slow down and damage any enemy that will try to pass through it. Yes, it will be somewhat similar to what Caustic can do with his gas traps.

The Schiltrom Barrier Grenade

The second ability is named Schiltrom Barrier Grenade through which Skunner will be able to create a spiked barrier. While we don’t know whether this will be similar to Gibraltar’s shield, it will still serve as something that will defend you from incoming attacks. And since the ability has the word “Grenade” in it, players might be able to throw it from a distance and deploy the barrier at their preferred location.

With that being said, Skunner seems like a character everyone will love. At the moment, Gibraltar, Caustic, and Wattson are the only three Legends that can deploy traps. As taking down enemies by using taps is something exciting, it will be fun to play with Skunner. While Respawn’s community manager once claimed that such leaks shouldn’t be considered true until they are official confirmed, That1MiningGuy has always ended up finding accurate information.

Crypto’s Abilities

On the other hand, the abilities of Crypto have also leaked a few days ago. For those who don’t know, Crypto is the Legends who destroyed the Repulsor Tower and allowed creatures to enter Kings Canyon. The latter’s abilities revealed that he will have a drone through which he will be able to hack doors, scan for enemies, and do much more. However, it is yet to be revealed whether Crypto will arrive first in the game or will players get to enjoy Skunner first.