Two weeks ago, Respawn Entertainment released Apex Legends season 2. The new season took the game to a whole new level. Along with some new cosmetics and a character, it introduced an improved version of the Battle Pass. The developers also made various improvements to the game through the new season. However, it seems like there is still one issue that still needs to get fixed.

Apex Legends became a target of hackers when shortly after it was released. At first, there were only a few people who were using cheats. But now, there are thousands of cheaters in the game and they are ruining the gameplay experience of every other player. Not only this, but even some top streamers sometimes get targeted by such cheaters.

Cheater Sprays Shroud

Recently, Twitch’s top streamer Michael “Shroud” Girzesiek was casually streaming Apex Legends on his channel. The latter was trying to climb a balloon with his teammates, but something unusual happened. The moment he reached the middle of the rope, Shroud was sprayed by one of his opponents. The streamer instantly said, “He’s cheating, I think,” and was even sure of that when he saw one of his teammates getting shot by the same person.

Was He Really Cheating?

The thing which further confirms that the player was cheating is that it isn’t easy to spray someone at such a long distance. If you play Apex Legends, then you should know that whenever someone is climbing the rope, then it is best to use tap shots. This is because it is nearly impossible to accurately spray bullets on someone at such a distance.

In addition to this, another odd thing is how quickly Shroud was knocked down. The streamer had full health and half shield, and it isn’t easy to empty their bars so quickly. In other word, there isn’t any way to eliminate a player so quickly unless you are using cheats. If this is the case, then the player might be using aimbot through which he was able to land all his shots perfectly.

Issue of Cheating in Apex Legends

This isn’t the first time a streamer has been targeted by a hacker in Apex Legends. There have been many times in the past when streamers got eliminated by a cheater during their streams. Although Respawn Entertainment has been trying their best to counter them, they just can’t put an end to it. Two months ago, it was even reported that the developers have banned around 770,000 accounts who were caught cheating.

There was even a streamer who showcased how his cheating software works. Through it, we got to know how easy it was for him to fool players into thinking that he wasn’t using any cheats. The game also has its own anti-cheat system, but cheaters are finding new ways to bypass it. In any case, Respawn needs to find a solid solution for this before it gets out of hands. The developers are also yet to provide another update on how they have been dealing with cheaters lately.