Since Apex Legends was released, that was in February, players have been hungry for new content. All they have seen up till now is one major update, the one which added Octane to the game. While they have been waiting to see some new content, data miners have been busy leaking the future content of the game.

For those who don’t know, before Octane was added, data miners were able to find him and another character in the game’s files. While Octane was added in the game, the other character, who is believed to be named “Wattson,” is yet to be added. However, although many players are eagerly waiting to jump into battles with the next character, a popular twitch streamer has claimed that he didn’t like playing with him at all.

Shroud Didn’t Like Playing with Wattson

Shroud, the person who was revealed to be the most watched streamer on Twitch, has recently claimed that he didn’t enjoy playing with Wattson. For those who don’t know, Shroud was invited by Respawn last year to test Apex Legends. During that time, he was able to play with some characters who are yet to be added in the game, and one of them was Wattson. However, the latter claimed that he didn’t like playing with him. Although Shroud didn’t reveal the actual reason behind why he didn’t like the upcoming character, he still claimed that it felt like playing with Caustic.

At the moment, not much is known about Wattson, only that he will have abilities related to electricity. Previously, during one of his streams, Shroud even claimed that the next character is going to be situational. This basically means that Wattson isn’t going to be the one for those who like to play aggressively. This doesn’t mean that the next character is going to be boring as we are yet to discover more about him.

We Cannot Judge Wattson Yet

Although Shroud has millions of followers and has a great experience in this field, we still cannot judge Wattson based on what he said. Everyone has a different opinion about something, and choices always vary from person to person. Who knows, Wattson might become the next favourite character of players. However, we will get to know this only when the character is added to the game, but the developers are yet to reveal when that will happen.

In the meantime, Respawn is going to improve the stability of the game next week. According to them, they are going to release a new update for Apex Legends early next which will address various issues present in the game. For example, the Sound bugs, which were ruining the sound of the game, are finally going to get fixed. In addition to this, the developers are also going to address the hit registration and the crash issues through the upcoming update.