Apex Legends season 5 is currently expected to go live after a month. The new season currently has everyone excited because they just cannot wait for new content.  At the moment, Respawn hasn’t provided any details regarding what the next season is going to feature, when it will arrive, or what its name is going to be. However, thanks to a handful of data miners, we now enough leaked information and speculations through which we can have an idea about what the upcoming season will feature.

New Legend

The first thing you can expect to see from the upcoming season is a new legend. Respawn has a habit of adding a new legend with every season. However, they only add one. This is why we have only seen four new legends since the game was released back in February 2019. Although many players have requested Respawn to add more of them every season, the developers aren’t listening to them.

At the moment, it is yet to be confirmed who the next legend is going to be. Several legends have already been leaked by data miners, but one of them has made an appearance in one of the game’s recent trailers. During the Revenenat’s reveal trailer, there was a little girl who was sitting beside the dead bodies of her murdered parents. This little girl is currently believed to be Loba. Speculations are that she is now grown up and will maker her way to the Apex games so that she can take revenge.

Apex Legends

Another possible legend for season 5 is Ash. Recently, a data miner managed to leak some weapon charms that will soon make their way to the game. One of the charms was of Ash, a character never seen before in Apex Legends. However, Ash is from the Titanfall universe and he was Blisk’s lieutenants in the Apex Predators. Now that his bobblehead charm has appeared in the game’s files, it is safe to say that Respawn is thinking about making him the next legend. Season 5 might also end up introducing more than one legends. This means that we might get to see both Loba and Ash in the next season.

New Weapons 

Another thing players can expect from Apex Legends season 5 are new weapons. So far, the developers have added various weapons to the game, with most of them being energy weapons. The previous season, however, introduced the Sentinal sniper rifle. At the moment, it is believed that the next season is going to bring either the CAR or Volt SMG. This is because both weapons were leaked by data miners prior to season 4, but are yet to be added to the game.

Release Date 

Apex Legends season 4 will end on May 5, and season 5 will begin shortly after. Players can also expect to see different map changes once the next season arrives. In addition to this, there will be several new cosmetic items along with an improved version of the battle pass. All we can do is wait a few more weeks to see what Respawn is planning to do this time.