Apex Legends debuted back in February, and the game instantly became one of the top battle royale titles out there. With around 50 million players in its first month, many started regarding it as a direct competitor to Fortnite. While the game is filled with exciting content, it still lacks one thing. And that is maps.

At the moment, players are allowed to compete in only one map called Kings Canyon. While the map is filled with amazing locations, players still sometimes get bored of playing in the same map again and again. This has led to many players asking for a new map, but Respawn has never provided any statement regarding it. However, it seems like things are going to change for sure as a new map is possibly on the way.

Apex Legends season 3 is currently scheduled to being on October 1. The new season is going to bring a lot of exciting new content to the game, including a new character Crypto. However, some theories and reports are now suggesting that it might even bring a new map to the game. The chances for this to happen are high since Respawn is focusing on giving fans what they want.

Psamathe Might Be the New Map

At the moment, it is currently believed that a new map location called Psamathe will possibly become available in Apex Legends season 3. For those who don’t know, Psamathe is actually a place from the Titanfall universe, and is the birthplace of both Octane and Lifeline. When season 2 went live, the official website of Apex Legends wrote in a statement “Images of the disaster (in Kings Canyon) have been splashed across holoscreens from Solace to Psamathe.” This was the first time we heard about this location in Apex Legends.

For those who don’t know, Apex Legends season 3 is called “Meltdown.” However, some leaks previous claimed that the season will be called “Fire and Ice.” Even the season 3 announcement teaser stated “Drop in and put your enemies on ice,” while the Italian version of the trailer translated this line to “Eliminate enemies and explore lava and ice scenarios.” There is even a concept art of Lifeline in which the legend is exploring a land covered in ice.

Space Elevator

Respawn Entertainment also shared a large space elevator on their Twitter account, something which further confirms a new location. Some fans believe that this space elevator is something through which fans will get transported off to Psamathe. The theory is strong considering why else would Respawn share its image on their Twitter account.

In any case, all of this should be considered as speculation since we can’t really confirm a new map until Respawn provides an official statement regarding it. Only time will tell what the developers have in mind for their popular battle royale title. In the meantime, you can prepare for the upcoming season.