Apex Legends season 3 was recently confirmed by Respawn Entertainment. The
upcoming season is being called “Meltdown” and it will feature some exciting new
content. The developers confirmed that Crypto is going to get added to the game
with the upcoming season and that fans will get to see a new weapon called the
Charge Rifle. However, although they revealed a new battle pass for the upcoming
season, they didn’t properly explain what it will feature.

On the official website of the game, Respawn announced the third season and
provided interesting details about Crypto, the new weapon, and the game’s second
ranked series. However, they didn’t go into detail regarding what the upcoming
battle pass is going to feature. All they revealed was that it will feature more than
100 exclusive items such as Legendary Skins and Apex Packs. “Over 100 exclusive
items including Legendary skins, Apex Packs, new Battle Pass content making a
Season 3 debut, and more,” claims that official description.

What the Battle Pass Might Feature

However, while Respawn hasn’t revealed any major details, we have our own
information thanks to a data miner. That1MiningGuy, who is regarded as one of the
best Apex Legends data miners, shared some interesting details regarding the
upcoming battle pass. Through the game’s files, he was able to discover what it will
most likely feature.

According to the leaked information, just like season 3, the upcoming battle pass is
going to feature legendary skins, crafting materials, loading screens, and music
packs. The data miner confirmed that there are going to be a total of 2550 crafting
materials in the next battle pass. In addition to this, players will also get the luxury
to purchase the battle pass in a bundle. This is something that will allow them to
unlock the first 25 levels. Aside from this, players will also receive three exclusive
character skins and a legendary skin for the Spitfire upon purchasing the pass.

We Will Have to Wait

One thing to keep in mind here is that these are just leaks and all of this might not
make it to the final version of the game. For instance, the data miner claimed that
Season 3 will be called “Fire and Ice” but its actually Meltdown. However, the name
kind of conveys the same meaning. Whenever That1MiningGuy has leaked
something, we have always seen it in the game. In any case, regardless of whether
all of this makes it to the game or not, season 3 is still going to be amazing for sure.

Apex Legends players will be able to jump into season 3 starting October 1. It was
previously speculated that the third season will begin sometime during the second
week of October. In addition to this, fans can expect to see a Halloween-themed
event soon too as Halloween is just around the corner. Whatever the case is, the
game is soon going to change for the better.