Apex Legends players are eagerly waiting for season 3 to arrive. Developer Respawn increased the hype for the upcoming season when they released its trailer a day ago. And now, to give fans an even closer look at season 3, they have now released a gameplay trailer for it. The gameplay trailer basically tells us what we can expect from the new map and Crypto. In addition to this, it has also revealed some new skins.

A Closer Look at The Map

Although the announcement trailer of Apex Legends season 3 gave us a glimpse at the new map, the gameplay trailer lets us dive further into it. As seen in the gameplay trailer, the new map features two large towers. One tower is cover in ice, while the other one is surrounded by lava. In addition to this, we also get to see the Space Elevator that teased by Respawn a few days back. At the moment, it is not known whether players will be able to enter it or not.


The gameplay trailer also shows legends entering buildings that have multiple levels, thus indicating that we will be able to enter skyscrapers. The new map also features a steam geyser, through which players will get the chance to reenter skydive mode. This is somewhat similar to the portal that was featured during the Voidwalker event. There is also going to be a train, which will constantly move around the map on a track. This train will most likely feature high-tier loot.

Crypto’s Ultimate and Other Abilities

The gameplay trailer has also given us a closer look at some of Crypto’s abilities. We got to see a short clip of his Ultimate Ability. He legend deployed his drone, after which the screen switched to the drone’s perspective. The bottom of the screen says, “flight mode,” indicating that the drone will feature different modes. In addition to this, there is a “to target” sign in the middle of the screen.

We have already seen Crypto using his drone in his Stories from the Outlands video. In the video, the legend used his drone to track the location of his enemies, and even charge an EMP blast. This indicates that we will be able to deal some damage to our opponents through the drone.

New Skins

We also get to see some new skins in the gameplay trailer. Both Lifeline and Pathfinder had skins that we have never ever seen before. Lifeline’s skin featured a devilish look, and her eyes were bright red. On the other hand, Pathfinder’s is all about ice. These two skins are basically based on the Lava and Ice theme of the new season. If this is the case, then fans can expect to see some more similar skins when the season goes live.

Apex Legends season 3 is currently scheduled to go live on October 1. It is going to add a lot of exciting new content to the game.