Since the past few weeks, Apex Legends fans have been eagerly waiting to know
when season 3 is going to arrive. Many leaks and reports surfaced in the previous
weeks to give fans a glimpse at what they can expect from the upcoming season.
And now, it seems like the wait is finally over as Respawn Entertainment has
officially confirmed Apex Legends season 3. Not only this, but the developers have
also shared some interesting details regarding it.
On their official website, Respawn Entertainment revealed Apex Legends season 3
and shared details about what fans can expect to see in it. So, without any further
due, here’s what the upcoming season will feature.

Crypto Confirmed for Season 3

Apex Legends season 3 “Meltdown” is going to add a new character to the game. As
you might’ve already guessed, the new legend is going to be Crypto. For those who
don’t know, Crypto is the very character who was leaked alongside Wattson prior to
season 2. However, only Wattson made it to the game and Crypto has since then
just remained in the files. But now, Respawn is officially going to add it to the game
through season 3.
A few days ago, Respawn Entertainment also teased fans when they added Crypto
in Kings Canyon. The upcoming legend was spotted hacking a computer in Singh
Labs. However, as soon as someone spotted him, Crypto ran away with his drone
following him. This is the very drone that will help Crypto survive in Kings Canyon.
He will be able to unlock doors through it, spot enemies, and even charge an EMP
blast that will slow down enemies and deal shield damage.

A New Battle Pass

Respawn Entertainment provided an improved version of the battle pass in season 2
after the previous one was criticized for featuring poor content. And once again,
fans will get to enjoy a battle pass that will be filled with exciting new items.
According to the developers, there are going to be around 100 exclusive items,
including Legendary Skins and Apex Packs. In short, you will not get disappointed
with the upcoming battle pass.

The Charge Rifle

Fans will also get to enjoy a brand-new weapon in Apex Legends season 3. This new
weapon is actually the Charge Rifle, the one that was leaked during the 2019 GME
Conference. Titanfall fans will be familiar with this weapon since it was first seen in
the said series. At the moment, we don’t know a lot about the upcoming weapon.
However, judging from its name, the Charge Rifle will use energy ammo.
Apex Legends season 3 is currently scheduled to go live on October 1. Fans can
expect to see more content other than what was revealed on the website. Aside
from this, this new season can also help Respawn with increasing the player base
Apex Legends. EA’s CEO claimed that season 2 helped them with increasing daily as
well as weekly players.