Apex Legends season three has introduced a brand new map to the game. Kings Canyon has been replaced by World’s Edge, and this new map features a combination of ice and lava. The map was leaked a few days ago by a data miner when he claimed that Apex Legend season 3 is going to feature and icy-fire theme. But it was later confirmed when Respawn Announced that this map is officially going to make it to the game.

Now that a brand-new map has appeared, players are somewhat struggling to discover the best landing spots. All of them are only aware about the locations in Kings Canyon, where Skull Town was one of the hot drops. Although there are certain locations in World’s Edge that feature high-tier loot, these places are overcrowded. The places that are not overly populated featured low-tier loot, such as P2020s, Mozambiques, level 1 armors, etc.

Best Locations in The New Map

Thankfully, one Apex player on Reddit has decided to create his version of the map in which the latter has highlighted areas that feature high-tier and mid-tier loot.



The first location is Epicenter, a place that was a victim of an ice storm. It is surrounded by three areas that feature premium loot. In addition to this, you can also find some action at this location since a lot of teams land here. However, the downside about this thing is that it is close to Capitol City and Refinery, meaning that teams that land at these two locations are most probably going to third party you. So either escape the area as soon as you get your hands on some amazing loot, or pick a spot to fight the incoming teams.

Sorting Factory

The Sorting Factory is yet another amazing location to land in World’s Edge. This place can help you get your hands on some high-tier loot, and it also filled with supply bins. Another amazing thing about this location is that you can get on the World’s Edge Express from here and grab a quick ride to the next location. The location is also somewhat far and it won’t be overly populated.


The third location that can help you acquire high-tier loot is Skyhook. This place is somewhat similar to Titled Towers, but without any tryhards. It is located in the northwest corner of the map, meaning that only a few teams are going to prefer flying to this location. The best thing about this place is that it is filled with buildings. This means that even if a lot of teams land here, you and your squad will still find some amazing loot at the start.

In any case, you shouldn’t worry too much if you’re currently struggling in the new map. Just take some time out to explore it and you’ll learn about the locations in now time.