With Apex Legends season 1 coming to an end, fans are currently exciting to see what the next season is going to feature. As the current season was heavily criticized for featuring poor content, many players currently believe that the developers are going to make some improvements in the next one. And now, it seems like they have listened to all the complaints of their fans.

Apex Legends Season 2 Details

Recently, in a new blog post, Respawn revealed some interesting details about Apex Legends. Along with a new limited-time event, the developers decided to lift the curtains from season 2 and told fans what they can expect to see in it. However, keep in mind that they have only decided to reveal a few important details about the next season, while the full details will be revealed on June 8.

Daily and Weekly Challenges

According to the developers, Apex Legends season 2 is going to feature Daily and Weekly challenges. This will allow players to level up faster, something which they have been demanding for a long time. Those who play the game are aware of how things work in season 1. The only way to rank up at the moment is to just play the game and earn experience point. This is something because of which the process of leveling up is really slow. But it seems like this is going to change in the next season. This will also allow players to reach Battle Pass level 100 faster.

Legendary Items

In addition to this, Respawn is also going to add three new Legendary items in season 2’s battle pass. Not only this, but they have also decided to put a Legendary item at every 25 Battle Pass Level. This means that Level 1, 25, 50, 75, and 100 are going to feature a Legendary item. Level 100 is also going to feature an evolving weapon skin, while those who make it to level 110 will get a special recolor version of that very skin.

Players can also expect to see some additional stuff in Apex Legend season 2. The developers have also claimed that we will get to earn items from three new content strategies in place of badges/trackers. Not much about this has been revealed in the blog post but Respawn has promised to reveal further details about these categories right before season 2 goes live. In any case, we can expect the upcoming season to be better than the current one for sure.

In the blog post, Respawn has also claimed that they have indeed listened to what the community has said about season 1. Thanks to the feedback players gave, the developers have made some changes and improvements to the next season. All we can do now is wait for the next season to go live to see whether this is true or not.